Au Revoir Forrest! The Fenn Nightline Episode – Live Stream with Q&A

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Inna Yarm.​Hi Toby and Shelly. Thank you for promoting healthy life style/hiking. Will Forrest visit the treasure site again? how often he already visited the site?

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Allen K
Thanks for being awesome, and have fun in Denver!

Eric Schmidt ​Inna – Forrest has claimed he has not gone back to the site

Eric Schmidt​ So … we shouldn’t believe anything in TFTW?

Josh Walley​ AGK

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Drew ​Forrest said to read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map- any coincidence the only letter missing from the poem is an X ?

Chad Bird ​happy bday btw! second thought, why is Del always way out in an area that is dangerous?

Josh Walley​ AGK: hey guys love the show. Are there any references by Fenn of using GPS when hiding or after hiding the treasure?

Man In The Barn​ Do you think when FF said where you find my bones you will find the treasure. Do you think he meant his bones that he dug up at the pueblo and hiding from the feds?

Jimmy Fast ​I didn’t have my bell on

steve remple​ AGK. You two make a great team, love watching. Personally how reliable do you think the blogs are out there. Seems to me a lot of fluff. Unrealistic opinions and some nonsense. How do you separate?

Chad Bird​agree!

Edward Owen ​I know this has been asked before but do you think Forrest would have been able to take a hike 2 times with treasure about 3/4 mile with 30 degree the age he said he was when hid it?

Chad Bird ​they only seem to be finding 🐻 terds

Eric Schmidt ​Everyone is inexperienced until they find the treasure!! 😃

Inna Yarm. one more question 😃 : does Fenn’s idea got some form of patent? can it be implemented in other countries?

Jaswinters ​AGK just got on here so you might of talked about it already .. It almost seems in his last clue statement on nightline.. simplify the poem its like something obvious none of us is seeing in the poem?

Jaswinters ​AGK………What about the fancy font like the “J’s” look like F’s in the poem –your feedback?

Tl Mattes ​I love this Vlog. I don’t comment much but I’m always nodding my head in agreement. It’s unnerving sometimes. Get out of my head Toby! Seriously, Happy Birthday

Kyle Lambert ​I recall reading somewhere that fenn was sort of a rule breaker, I havent got his book yet, but would you guys say that jives with the fenn you’ve met?

steve remple​ AGK Do you you think it’s possible F clue of 200′ is in elevation? He wouldn’t be misleading a searcher if they were 500′ away but 200′ in elevation. What do you think??

Wayne Peterson​ hello everyone

James Prival ​[message retracted]

James Prival​ James Prival​ Toby do you know anything about project Stargate, which operated on the findings of SRI (Stanford Research Institute)with remote viewing.Can this tool be used to help find the treasure?

Chad Bird ​where do warm waters halt in RR? if you don’t mind sharing? if you do no sweat

Nikolai Strov​ When do we simplify?

Jaswinters​ my impression of watching him in the interview .he is going to stop spotlighting this hunt because he feels not to blame for the deaths but just feels sad it happened and never expected that to happen

Edward Owen​ Toby Shelly, how do you treat treasure if found it, You dealing with “Park ranger” Land Management the Government, without this becoming a legal nightmare, that might take years, decades?

Nikolai Strov ​Happy, happy birthday Toby annnd mannny morrre! 🎂🍰🥛😎🎉

Jaswinters​ AGK Why do you think he never included more of New Mexico?

Nikolai Strov ​Aren’t we all searching for this treasure?? All of us have been within 200ft

Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen. It is illegal to remove anything from Federal Land.

Edward Owen ​Then there are NOT many places you can hide this?

Nikolai Strov​ Only one!

Jimmy Fast​ @ spurious effect …But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace

Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen Forrest said that he won’t tell anyone where you found it if you don’t. So it could, and most likely is, on federal land.


Spurious Effect​ It has to be somewhere that will not be disturbed. The only place like that are Government owned Parks and Wilderness areas.

Nikolai Strov ​I will give it to someone who has never heard of FF and then I will disappear

Edward Owen​ Spurious Effect Thanks…

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“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” – Forrest Fenn, “The Thrill of the Chase,” 2010


We have often said that we take anything Fenn has said after December 31, 2012 as tactical offensive counterintelligence. Technically, that leaves us only the fundamentals with which to work: the contents of “The Thrill of the Chase,” and anything we learn about Fenn before that date.

In “The Thrill of the Chase,” referring to where he hid the treasure, Fenn writes:

“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.”

Here’s a hypothetical for you to consider.

Let’s say your best friend in Santa Fe called to chat. You discuss a number of things, and one of them was that he was going camping, and doing a little trout fishing, the coming weekend.

When you ask him where he was going, he says, “In the mountains North of Santa Fe.” You tell him you wished you were going with him, and eventually, you end the call.

The following week, you receive a call from your best friend’s spouse. She tells you that he hadn’t yet returned from his weekend outing, and that emergency responders were about to begin a search for him.

She tells you she needs your help, then she asks whether or not he had mentioned to you where he was going camping.

You respond by saying, “He told me he was headed into the mountains somewhere North of Santa Fe.”

She thanks you, and before she ends the call, you hear her shout to the emergency responders who are about to depart, “Look for him in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana!”

Yeah. Crazy, huh?


Forrest Fenn, ABC Nightline, “Deadly Treasure” | 01.12.18

Nightline Segment Teaser:

Nightline Segment Article, with video:

“Catcher in the Rye,” Fenn & and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

In “The Thrill of the Chase,” referring to the J. D. Salinger classic, “A Catcher in the Rye,” Fenn writes,

The more I thought about it the more I realized the book was about me, and I couldn’t believe it.  How would anyone imagine a coincidence like that could happen?

I hadn’t read the Salinger book since high school, so I thought I’d refresh my memory of it. It’s a short book, and not necessarily an easy read. Salinger wrote it in an idiom that was familiar to, and comfortable for, him. But, the use of a colloquial language makes it hard to read – for me, at least.

Nonetheless, as I made my way through the book in which Salinger uses the Manhattan as a character in the novel, he mentions he, more than once, visited the New York Museum of Natural History, iconic not only in New York, but in the United States.

Salinger writes,

I loved that damn museum. I remember you had to go through the Indian Room to get to the auditorium. It was a long, long room, and you were only supposed to whisper. The teacher would go first, then the class. You’d be two rows of kids, and you’d have a partner. Most of the time my partner was this girl named Gertrude Levine. She always wanted to hold your hand, and her hand was always sticky or sweaty or something. The floor was all stone, and if you had some marbles in your hand and you dropped them, they bounced like madmen all over the floor and made a helluva racket, and the teacher would hold up the class and go back and see what the hell was going on. She never got sore, though, Miss Aigletinger. Then you’d pass by this long, long Indian war canoe, about as long as three goddam Cadillacs in a row, with about twenty Indians in it, some of them paddling, some of them just standing around looking tough, and they all had war paint all over their faces. There was one very spooky guy in the back of the canoe, with a mask on. He was the witch doctor. He gave me the creeps, but I liked him anyway. Another thing, if you touched one of the paddles or anything while you were passing, one of the guards would say to you, “Don’t touch anything, children,” but he always said it in a nice voice, not like a goddam cop or anything.

I found the imagery he mentions in this single passage interesting because we find some of that same imagery in Fenn’s book. Marbles, schoolchildren, warnings not to touch.

Fenn, perhaps borrowing some of Salinger’s imagery, puts them, in my opinion, to much better use.

I wonder if there’s an “Indian Room” in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science?

Shelley and I will find out next week.

What if Forrest Fenn had died on November 25, 2010? Live Stream with Q&A

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Man In The Barn​Hello Toby and Shelley

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jaswinters​i never would of saw the beautiful new mexico and all its treasures.. hint hint.. lol

Joey Pero​Hey guys! Thank you for giving so much to the thrill of the chase!

jaswinters​AGK Did orginally forrest say it was only in north of Santa fe and not mentioned anything of the rocky mountains?

Matt​hello AGK, came in 20 minutes late. did you cover if Fenn had the book written, to be published like salingers books in a vault?

Joey Pero​Bring your winter wear!

James Jones​No

Sevenblade​AGK: Even though your solve is in New Mexico, are you guys still going to do “some” searching when you go to Denver?

Joey Pero​Exactly Toby!

Jimmy Fast​entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, which translates to: entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.

Sevenblade​Wow, really weird… just searched the Latin phrase… I strangely found out about Ockham last week in a tv show… I somehow spoke to me so I googled it back then.

Man In The Barn​I think the book and the Poem will get you to the exact location. I highly doubt it would have “taken off” like it has.

Man In The Barn​But I disagree with your thoughts on TFTW. While we would not ahem the book the scrapbooks were on OldSantaFeTrading which I also think provide the “real” treasure map

Man In The Barn​Was the website up at that time?

James Kruse​Late but here:)

Amy Comeaux​AGK : I have a bit of a strange maybe silly question, but because of Fenn’s love of Indiana Jones, do you think he may have booby trapped the chest in any way?

Man In The Barn​AGK: Do you think when Forrest said when you find my bones where you find the tresure he meant his bones he dug up as the Publo and hid from the Fed’s?

Amy Comeaux​Thanks, love u guys, keep up the good work

jaswinters​Thats why i think its not in a state with Grizzlies around

Edna Purviance​TTOTC and the poem is all you need, but you need to analyze what he talks about in TTOTC. He says no special knowledge. He is not telling us all of the truth! Observation is very important.

Sevenblade​Massive lag, though. Besides, Youtube did do an anouncement that ‘notifications were being delayed’ on their TeamYoutube Twitter handle.

Edna Purviance​Great Vlog today!


What if Fenn Had Died a Month After Releasing TTotC?

My apologies if the title is offensive to anyone, especially Fenn. It is purely hypothetical, and my wish for Fenn is that he lives a long and fruitful life filled with family and friends.

But, in a conversation with another searcher today, as the searcher presented some of the assumptions they were making about their solution, I asked them to consider the following:

“What if Forrest Fenn had died a month after releasing his book, ‘The Thrill of the Chase’?”

It stopped them for just a moment. So I continued.

“‘Too Far to Walk’ and ‘Once Upon a While’ would not have been published. The videos recorded at Collected Works and Moby Dickens would have not been recorded. We wouldn’t have the myriad of video-recorded and/or written and published ‘Forrest Fenn Interviews’. There would be no Benchmark Map of the four Rocky Mountain treasure states. No scrapbooks. No Dal interview videos. No Fennborees at which Fenn was in attendance.”

No nothing.

Except “The Thrill of the Chase,” the poem, the description (and photo) of the treasure – and the promise of a great adventure.

Fenn, certainly, had to consider the possibility.

So, think about it for a second. What if Fenn…

Edit: Well, who knew this was that interesting a topic? We didn’t. But indications are that it’s worth a discussion. So, we’re going to delay the presentation of our English 201 analysis of the poem a week. This week we’ll use our weekly live stream to discuss the above topic, followed by open Q&A. 1pm MST, Tuesday, January 9, 2018. You must have a YouTube account to ask questions. Watch here:

The Riddle in Fenn’s Poem – Live Stream with Q&A

Shelley and Toby discuss the way in which you can use the riddle in Fenn’s Poem to help you develop your solution with confidence. You can review the chat from the live stream below the video.

Here’s a link to download the research paper we used to prepare this episode: Write a Riddle

Chat from the Live Stream

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Hello and welcome! Happy New Year! Thanks for joining us today. To address us, please use AGK: at the beginning of your questions.

Man In The Barn​Hey Toby and Shelly, MOD is here

Matt Hawrysko​Hello from Ohio!

Adam Foddy​Hi Shelley and Toby. I missed you guys! 🙂

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Happy New Year!

AJ 21​Happy New year!


Edward Owen​Happy New Year

Steve Gaghagen​hi Shelley and Toby happy New Year

Steve Gaghagen​thanks guys (moderators)

Will William​Hi Toby and Shelley ! Happy new year

Edward Owen​When will FF NightLine Interview be? Do you think Forrest will talk about Treasure in that interview?

Mary Green​AGK will you do video of inside the museum

Eric Schmidt​Happy New Years!

Eric Schmidt​Mary Green – I sure hope they do!

B Cross​AGK: Greetings and Happy New Year

Andrew West​First time catching one of these live. Keep up the good work

Ron Leak​What is significance of the ‘keyword’ of the poem what did FF say about it?

Mary Green​AKG Ron Leak,​says What is significance of the ‘keyword’ of the poem what did FF say about it?

Mary Green​Ron Leak didnt want AGK to miss your Q

Mary Green​AGK this is one of your best vlogs, so interesting my brain is blowing up with ideas

Steve Gaghagen​agk your depth into the treasure is unmatched. have you ever thought about going on other treasure hunts like the lost mine in the guadolupe mountains

Edward Owen​Shelly could you repeat the Different writing tools/ideas you mentioned earlier. Thanks

Clayton Watson​Hello Toby and Shelley!

Bjchamblee​Good work guys! Happy 18¡

Ronald Conley​AGK: As I have gone in there this past season and intend to go again in spring, I repeat, do you think the sun ever shines on the treasure?

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Have you had a chance to look at the “end of the rainbow” in the first edition of the book “Flywater”? If so, any thoughts?

Ramblin Pam​Happy New Year Toby and Shelley. Always enjoy your videos.

Jimmy Fast​AGK Is the Denver museum where Shilo said ” you really should see what’s in the basement”? and then Forrest quickly changed the subject🤔

Eric Schmidt​AGK: As a follow up to Jimmy Fast’s question… what are your thoughts about Dr. HM Wormington?

Allen Grosh​this is so intriguing to me, just found out about the poem and treasure a few days ago, and I’ve been binge watching your vids!! you guys both have lovely voices to listen to.

Ron Leak​Thank you Mary Green

Allen Grosh​​f has said that a child may have an advantage in solving the poem. Do you think you may be reading too much into it? In my opinion the initial WWWM is the most important clue, and the most vague.

Andrew West​AGK, have you guys explored the Colorado National Monument area?

Kyle Lambert​agk have you guys seen the last email I sent you a while back with the imagery from the poem on a map?

Timothy Alkire​AGK, TOBY & SHELLY HOW Do you test your key word?

steve remple​AGK, you have discussed the poem and clues relating to having longevity. Do think it’s possible that they do not have the shelf we believe they do. Hence the treasure being there 1000 years from now.

kevnston​Hello from Richmond Virginia

Eric Schmidt​Dr. HM Wormington’s research on the Folsom points is what put the Denver Museum on the map.

Allen Grosh​thank you for responding!

Eric Schmidt​😃

Andrew West​AGK, you skipped my question Shelley. Have you guys considered the Colorado National Monument?

Richard Hunter​Fenn didn’t say “keyword.”

Timothy Alkire​AGK SHELLEY, YOU are correct. ff said that imagination will be what finds the TC.

Andrew West​AGK, where can you plug in a keyword as a cipher to the poem?

Mary Green​a word that is key, wonder what the word thats key points to any ideas

home on the range​”marvel gaze” and “worth the cold” sill baffle me.

merwin horner​does any one know where ff have his chemo.

Clayton Watson​Mary Green, I am only offering speculation but in my solve it is the hint that narrows down the many WWWH to the one you need to use.

Mary Green​home on the range, me too

Kyle Lambert​home on the range, those come after hear me all and listen good. could it mean sounds similar? maybe Buena Vista, and mount sneffles region?

Jim Little​word that is key is ringboe

Mary Green​Clayton Watson wow have you checked that out

Steve Gaghagen​thank you guys great work as always. see you next week. cold here in Nebraska

Edward Owen​Thanks for a great year I went 3 times

David Charles Davio22​I have found the key word. it varifies you have the solve to poem

Andrew West​Congrats David

David Charles Davio22​Page 15 is something that needs to talk about IT is THE BOLD.

Mary Green​see you next week thanks

David Charles Davio22​I found the BLAZE
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Might and Marvel​when is the nightline interview…?


“The Lure” Available for Viewing, $12.99

Shelley interviewing director/cinematographer of “The Lure,” Tomas Leach.

Tomas Leach’s film, “The Lure” is now available for viewing on the company’s webiste:

“The award winning documentary feature film about Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt. Executive produced by Errol Morris and featuring a soundtrack by Calexico and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy… ‘Gorgeous’ – Vice… …‘A story so strange it must surely be a work of fiction’ – The London Economic”

You can also see Shelley’s interview with Tomas on our YouTube Channel: Shelley Interviews Director Tomas Leach

Some photos from the night of the screening in Santa Fe on May 18, 2017: “The Lure” Photo Album

Finally, here’s a link to the playlist of the post-screening Q&A with Fenn: The Lure Q&A with Forrest Fenn

Our Review of the Film

Shelley and I give the film a hearty “thumbs up,” as Leach navigates his way, equally adeptly, through the various wilderness areas to which he’s taken, and the strongly felt (and expressed) emotions of the searchers. He seems to have found a healthy balance between the two.

Fenn’s voice is a constant background element, but, we didn’t hear anything we hadn’t heard before. The interaction between Fenn and David Rice (Desertphile), filmed at Fenn’s home in Santa Fe, is “cute,” mostly due to Mr. Rice’s personality. I saw/heard nothing that I thought would be helpful to us in our search.

Tomas used some audio and video clips from my “Fenn at Moby Dickens” video, with permission. We spoke back in 2015, so that gives you an indication of how long he’s been working on the film.

The searchers Leach documented are committed, at least, with no indication of how they get to where they are for the filming of the various vignettes. No references to WWWH, HOB, the blaze, etc. The majority of it was filmed in New Mexico, so don’t expect any new insights to other locations.

Leach’s cinematography was subtle and thoughtful, and the audio was enviable, as it was as good, if not better, as I have heard on any film of this genre (and budget). The film was well edited with only a couple of scenes that could have used a little extra cutting but moves along smoothly, and at a consistent pace. In all, it was a very engaging story, well told, in a technically astute manner. Our compliments to Mr. Leach. The aerial shots were very good, and well placed. Tomas told me he used both a drone and a para-glider for the shots.

In conclusion, should you get the opportunity, see the film. I’m a big fan of helping independent filmmakers make more quality film, and I believe Tomas should be compensated for his effort.

How to Ask Forrest Fenn a Question

Copy of live stream chat below the video.


A Gypsy’s Kiss​ Merry Christmas one and all! Please start your questions to us with AGK:

Man In The Barn ​Hello All

Jimmy Fast​ Merry Christmas

David Dow​ Hello

Cindy Guess​ Merry Christmas!!!

Tl Mattes​ Merry Christmas 😃

AJ 21 ​Hello merry xmas

Thomas D​ Marry Christmas everyone! how goes the search

Man In The Barn​were in

WorldFamous Gamer​ merry Christmas 🎄 God bless y’all O:)

Jimmy Fast​ Here

Jeremy Milstead ​hello

Jimmy Fast​[message retracted]

WorldFamous Gamer ​love the elf ears Shelly lol

Scott P ​glad you are putting this one out. Have been e-mailing him for 3 years with no replies. Even when I sent him birthday cards.

WorldFamous Gamer ​I tried to get a hold of him too but no luck :/

Scott P ​my brother hot one four word response from him but I don’t know anyone else that has.

Jeremy Milstead​ Out of 6 emails I’ve sent, Fenn has responded once. I asked about the bombs on pg. 99 of TTOTC.

Seannm Seannm​ Do we need to sign in on a form so that Forrest knows we have attended this class and are qualified to ask hm a question? Wink

Bill Gorman​ The world’s deepest hot spring halts at 1,000 feet down and is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.

Edward Owen ​Merry Christmas When will Forest Fenns night line interview be aired..

Bill Gorman​ I asked him in person, “what do you think of me?” he answered “You’re the craziest guy I know!” I told him “thank you, I have to e as crazy as the guy who hid it to find it.”

Spurious Effect​ Even Forrest isn’t as crazy as you Bill. LOL


Allen James​ When did the stream start?

Man In The Barn ​Bill, I want to say I don’t think you are as crazy as they make you seem. I also don’t think you are in the right place but your logic scares me! I’m going to get it before you figure out the mistake

Jarod Atchley ​21 min ago

Allen James ​/ty

Bill Gorman ​”White Man goes into his church house and talks about Jesus but the Indian goes into his tepee and talks to Jesus!” Quanah Parker

B Cross

Bill Gorman​ He quoted Quanah Parker quote that was referring to using Peyote. If you don’t go down the rabbit hole you’ll never find it.

B Cross​ This is Bill from Texas (not “Bryan” Shelley!!) lol

eric moore ​what is fens e mail address?

Jimmy Fast​

eric moore​ thank u

Bill Gorman​Forrest Fenn FeΩΩatics on Facebook, got the evidence of all the drawings in nature.

Shain McLaughlin​ Can you please clarify why FF gave acknowledgement to Andrew Briggs’ solve that caused so much controversy and nothing else was covered after that? On the Santa Fe radio talk show.

Christmas gift …you guys have been great

Bill Gorman​ I’ll go live 10 minutes after they finish

Carol Ferguson​ So glad you came to New Mexico

Bill Gorman​ Ask Forrest non related questions and he will hide a clue in an unrealted tropic

B Cross​ Did you and Shelley say in all of your searchers you have never ran into another searcher?

Jimmy Fast​[message retracted]

Jimmy Fast​ Take your medication bill, please

Bill Gorman​ Enormous search area with hundreds of symbols, I’m not searching one acre, I’m searching 3,000 acres. It is a hat trick! Which guy with the tombstone?

Cindy Guess​ AGK: Yes, the treasure IS in New Mexico. Tell us how Rev. Tolby relates to the treasure.

jaswinters​ AGK i agree its in New Mexico , but the little girl from india still bothers me she could still see it on the map so somehow i see the Treasure State would be the obvious Montana. your thoughts?

Bill Gorman​ There are even hints of Vietnam in the search area.

Jimmy Fast​[message retracted]

A J Rainville ​AGK: repeating Edward’s question earlier, when will the Nightline interview air?

Bill Gorman ​is stealth!

Carol Ferguson​ This is FF spirit box! He does not want it found for years to come

Bill Gorman​ What characters in Red Ryder was named Brown.

Mary Green​ Rev. Tolby, i looked @ that again still dont see a connect

Carol Ferguson​ You said you were going live Bill, where?

B Cross​ Why doesn’t G Kiss do 2018 Fennborie?

jaswinters ​AGK non related Fenn question, Toby, being in the military what is your thoughts on this UFO sightings back in 2004 the pentagon released that navy pilots recorded and in the news now ur thougts?

Bill Gorman​ Those guys with the camera at the signing, what happened with their production?

Shain McLaughlin ​AGK Can you please clarify why FF gave acknowledgement to Andrew Briggs’ solve that caused so much controversy and nothing else was covered after that? On the Santa Fe radio talk show.

E S ​Hope you both have a great

Jay Ell​[message retracted]

Shain McLaughlin ​He figured out the clues then used the Jefferson Cipher on the clues.

Bill Gorman ​Fred Harmon in OUAW, has a Gypsy Wagon in front of his museum where warm waters halt.

jaswinters​[message retracted]

JanKirb​ag k by the way ,the netflix TV program Longmire did an fictional episode about treasure hunters searching for a Fenn like treasure following a poem in Wyoming . Well done. Some might enjoy that.

Jay Ell​ AGK: We miss the little bear, Shelly!

Shain McLaughlin​ Fenn Said, he’s a bright guy, he’s got a lot of it figured out…maybe” FF said also, that Andrew Briggs must be added to the list of those who presume to know the clues.

JanKirb ​longmire season 6 episode 2 is the treasure hunter episode

Bill Gorman​ I’ve run into thousands of Clovis Tombs, an Omega Arch over most of them. I let each Caveman and Cavewoman know I see them. It’s like getting a letter lost for 14,000 years. Like Forrest’s arrowhead

James Jones​ Forrest says that he wants to find the edges and be challenged. Is your questioning strategy fit for purpose ?

Mary Green​ Andrew Briggs’ solve,i thought ff was being low key sarcastic

E S​[message retracted]

David Dow​ AGK….Do you know how we can view The Lure documentary?

Carol Ferguson ​Toby: did you know that their is US Naval Ship named Cimmaron that served during Vietnam?

E S ​Forrest has written the poem to encourage people to experience nature. Has he ever said that the treasure is in nature? As opposed to an urban area.

Mary Green ​Carol Ferguson, wow ship name

Shain McLaughlin​ AGK Do you think FF hid the treasure in a public semi public place? That’s why maybe he laughed to himself on the way back to his car. Also, maybe it is why a child has an advantage.

Tl Mattes ​was thinking the same thing the other day, Shain.

Carol Ferguson​ Mary Green In the poem No Place is also a town in England where a type of mapping was developed

hydromakers​ Your web site is down.

Mary Green​ Carol Ferguson, ill check that out ty

Cindy Guess​ AGK: I recently asked Forrest “Have you ever told anyone that home of Brown is NOT related to Brown trout”. He did not answer. AGK, have you ever come across someone saying this? Your thoughts?

Carol Ferguson ​In the old census reports The Home of Brown I believe is the Native Americans just as White people or Black people

AJ 21​ What do think about CO/NM border could be where warm water halts ?

E S​ Toby or Shelley , do you plan on getting Cynthia’s book on her experiences in her quest for the treasure?

Shain McLaughlin ​AGK why are there 3 versions of the poem? Also why does everything revolved around Brown. Literally the color it self in the poem and in the book?

Carol Ferguson​ AJ I believe Where the Warm Waters Halt refer to the end of an Indian reservation as there is a Clan referred to as The Water Clan

Bill Gorman ​AGK, since Toby was Army he should know how my ancestor Major Robert Rogers relates to Lewis and Clark and the treasure hunt?

Bryan Schultz ​I made it..Can you start over please..😃

Jimmy Fast​ Lol

Tl Mattes​ AGK but Cindy is saying Did he ever say NOT Brown Trout.

Bryan Schultz

Cindy Guess​ Thanks TL

Bob Schoppman​ AGK Why do you feel that the chest is not West of the Rio Grande? example Chama area

Joshua Formanek​ Can someone find the treasure in Cimarron Canyon and keep it, or will the state take the treasure away?

WorldFamous Gamer ​AGK: Forrest said he felt like an architect drawing the poem, my question is why aren’t people’s solves involving drawing or using numbers like architects do? God bless y’all Merry Christmas 🎄 🙂

Shain McLaughlin​ 3 versions of word formats. Did FF pick those word formats or was it reccomended?

Chris Bischof ​AGK – So we’ve come to the conclusion he rented a car, right?

Bob Schoppman ​Thank You!!!

hydromakers​ AGK Your web site is down.

WorldFamous Game r​Thank you 🙂

AJ 21​Can you give me a percentage of all four states which has the higher likelihood of having the treasure


Shain McLaughlin​Cursive VS english

david goedel​federal land anything worth over $25 must be turned over.

Cindy Guess​Not down for me

Carol Ferguson​Actually when one googles Poetry, architects actually comes up

A J Rainville​AGK: You’ve previously said that there’s a 50/50 chance the chest is never found. What is your opinion on the percent chance the chest is found, but the finder never goes public with it?

WorldFamous Gamer​here’s an early Christmas present lol, is it possible Yellowstone on the map (which is written in purple) could be the home of Brown? yellow and purple makes Brown is why I ask, very interesting.

Bill Gorman​Why is there a giant Columbian Mammoth in the Gallery’s garden.

Chris Derbidge​AJS Fenn talks a lot about crossing park boundaries rules, old biddies teasing him that he is not allowed to cross the street, not being able to drive to the lake. Do you think this theme is a hint?

A J Rainville​TY AGK

Bill Gorman​Get to know the local LEO of the park, mine said I could keep it, same with the Sheriff

Jimmy Fast​Fenn put something in the chest that will let him know the chest has been found

Carol Ferguson​Jimmy Fest, I bet it would be directions to contact his attorneys?

Bill Gorman​What if it is within a hwy ROW?

Spurious Effect​AGK Could you announce the find anonymously, and then just leave it up to Forrest whether to disclose HIS secret spot or not?

Shain McLaughlin​AGK What do you think is the extra item in the chest that FF refuses to disclose?

Shain McLaughlin​AGK Do you think the first clue or the first 2 clues could have you start at a location outside of the boundaries of the chosen states? Then the rest of the clues lead you in to the spot.

Mary Green​or What if it is within a R&R ROW?

Bill Gorman​Ask Forrest what kind of person will find the treasure?

Bud Snow​FF has said that he KNOWS without a doubt that the treasure has not been found yet, but he wont disclose how he knows…Do you have any thoughts on how he knows?

Carol Ferguson​AGK do you think that the reference to Horse shoes could refer to the shape of Indian pueblos?

Chris Derbidge​AGS: Do you think year round weather was an important determination in his choice of a final resting place?

Shain McLaughlin​What if its another poem to another small treasure of artifacts that he hid?

Chris Derbidge​Agk .. auto corect

David Dow​Do you feel warm waters halt has a hint in the thrill of the chase? Othrwise, there are thousands of wwwh in the Rockies. There is only one that counts.

WorldFamous Gamer​he knows because it’s on one of the properties he bought is my theory.

MagneticUniverse​Did Forrest first stumble upon the treasure location from the air?

MR G​AGK-What do you feel the level of interest in the Fenn Hunt is now compared to years past? Do you foresee future interest growing or declining?

WorldFamous Gamer​good question magnetic universe

Bill Gorman​Horseshoes are Omegas

Bjchamblee​do you think Forrest really wants tobe able to show the really genius of the architectural design of the poem ,clue by clue, before he passes?

AJ 21​Is there any connection between Indian culture and poem?

Bill Gorman​Typical Clovis Tomb is inside an omega shaped arch of rocks.

Carol Ferguson​AKG- Thank you

Shain McLaughlin​AGK Why do you think FF has an obsession with Butch Cassidy?

Bill Gorman​I’ll be live after his battery goes dead!

Jarod Atchley​AGK If you guy’s find the treasure will you continue to do the vlog?.

Carol Ferguson​Bill Gorman- where do you find you?

Bill Gorman​Carol, click my user name should go to my page but I’m waiting for Toby and Shelly to finish

Shain McLaughlin​FF said “warm” means comfortable to him. But he never said that was the intended use of the word in the poem.

Bob Schoppman​AGK Do you know what types of art did Mr. Fenn personally make? Castings?

Carol Ferguson​AKG- do you know that the Tewa Indians consist of the Water Clan in N.M. and is it part of your solve?

Chris Derbidge​AGK: His book collection seems to have a lot of letters and journals from historical people. Which people do you think he is fascinated by the most? And do you think the solve is historical based?

Bill Gorman​Warm Waters halt 1,000 feet below Pagosa Hot Springs, worlds deepest and home of Fred Harmon aka Red Ryder

Man In The Barn​what if NMG&F and the state of NM rewrote what Warm Waters mean… Does your solve change?

Bill Gorman​He returned the beads to Colorado

Bill Gorman​”It isn’t in a desert” f

Carol Ferguson​I think he may have when he spread Olga ashes from his plane

Bill Gorman​People are blind to the extreme size of the poem’s search area, it’s no playground.

Shain McLaughlin​Well if it starts to decline and FF doesn’t see us chasing maybe he will reveal another clue. So maybe we should converse on a private network from here on in.

Adam Foddy​Hi guys! Just logged on

Bill Gorman​AGK facebook page gone or I’m blocked.

Bill Gorman​He will not give new clues because I’m so close.

Man In The Barn​Or is it because I am?

Shain McLaughlin​What if FF is watching right now under a different name?

Bill Gorman​His stick man and lines on the cover of Once Upon A While is a map

Carol Ferguson​Lol or is it because I am?

Man In The Barn​I sat on top of it….

Man In The Barn​😃

Ron Leak​How would you sell the treasure or would FF buy it back?

Carol Ferguson​AGK- has anyone ever tried to get a copy of his Memoir to the library of Congress?

Mary Green​Tewa is in my notes, a warm tree place iirc

Man In The Barn​I emailed TLOC and they responded that they do not have any book by FF and sent me a list of libraries that do have it

Mary Green​man in barn, the regs havent changed much in 10yr

Belva Jenkins​Yes Toby, it is that easy.

Carol Ferguson​Mary Green- Tewa is definitely important as the Water Clan and the Rainbow Clan are part of the tribe.

Bill Gorman​Brown knew Butch

Bill Gorman​Butch Casidey and Brown’s Hole

Shain McLaughlin​Butch CASSIDY… street gang cowboys in the book? Lots of references. Butch CASSIDY and dinosaur park etc. There is much more.

Bill Gorman​Toby sweating because I’m going live as soon as his battery goes dead

David Dow​Do you know what year he started doing the bronze castings? Post diagnosis of cancer?

Shain McLaughlin​AGK Where do the Kiowa Indians fit in the mix of all of this?

Jimmy Fast​Do you think Forrests cancer is related to his fathers? As if they both contracted it by visiting the los alamos area together

Bill Gorman​He found tombs on top of the mountain flying his plane around looking for indian shelters. Just happened to be Clovis Tombs

Carol Ferguson​David Dow- FF was doing casting when he still lived in TX and sold his foundry before he moved to Santa Fe

David Dow​Thanks

Bill Gorman​he left the chest to be found in 10,000 years where others have been hidden for 14,000 years

Shain McLaughlin​AGK…FF said the clues are in order. Do you think the clues are in order in the poem or that FF meant in order for you to follow in person but they would not be in order in the poem the way we think?

Bill Gorman​The poem says “The end is in my drawings”

Poem Treasure​Good idea

Bill Gorman​I got the Rockwell drawing on page 25 perfectly painted on rocks in the canyon

Chris Derbidge​AGK: Not including NM fish and game warm waters reference. What other government survey or historical record have you read that used the term “Warm Water(s)”?

Shain McLaughlin​AGK FF said the treasure is wet and still is. Even to this very day as the way he put it. Do you think it is due to a flash flood? Or possibly from snow build up but he waited to mention it years late

Poem Treasure​In order

Mary Green​agk day sailing when i lived in fla, miss it

Carol Ferguson​Bill Gorman- then go get it Bill! I’m in Durango and we have no snow

Poem Treasure​Yes

Carol Ferguson​I agree and think Skippy May have had cancer to just based on how he was found

Steve Klein​AGK ask fenn to give me the location so I can make sure it’s still there I promise not to take it!

Stephen Johns​Have all the legal issues regarding Forrests ownership of items; some of which may be in the chest, been settled?

Poem Treasure​Fenn said that it’s not under water but it could be in water

Shain McLaughlin​AGK… what about FF statement about smelling pinyon nuts?????? Which would eliminate some area? Then he tried to retract statement.

David Dow​Great show!!!

AJ 21​Merry Christmas

Bob Schoppman​Enjoyed!!!

Jimmy Fast​Merry Christmas and happy new year

Renee Slarve​thank you

WorldFamous Gamer​AGK: MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 🎁

Shain McLaughlin​Get ready bill.

Chris Derbidge​Good show!

Renee Slarve​thank you