A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast | Episode 002 | Dal Neitzel

If you’re interested in being interviewed for this series, please click on the Podcast Form link in the menu at the top of the page, fill out the form, and send it to me. I’ll contact you via email shortly thereafter.

8 thoughts on “A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast | Episode 002 | Dal Neitzel

  1. Great idea, Toby! Thanks to you now if I ever meet Dal, I won’t call him Dal, but Dale. I never would have guessed. I thought everyone else was saying it wrong. : ) I had the Neitzel right, though, the german pronunciation.
    I doubt that you, Toby, have ever been on the shy side, but I totally get Dal’s take on blogging/community/ etc. Introverted shy people might prefer getting away, like to a small island. But, blogging and the thrill of the Chase can lead one into new places in a lot of ways.
    What’s up next week?

    • I have the next three weeks already scheduled with what I would call well-known searchers, but, I’m going to keep it on the down low. When are you going to fill out the Podcast Form?

      • I was too subtle there. I’m still on the private side of shy/ introvert, which is probably why blogging anonymously works for me. But thanks for the interest.

  2. Well done Toby! I enjoyed it very much. I hope you two can eventually have that beer together.

    Congrats Dal, on your personal growth to a “communal person”. I never would have guessed that you haven’t always been so. Your blog posts show a warm friendly nature.

    I’m looking forward to the next podcast.


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