7 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn discovered the Rockies in 2013!

  1. Well, I’ve watched all your videos and they are professional and fine quality, I’ll give you that. Very well done. As far as the treasure being in NM, I see you’ve come back full circle. …dang it. Surprised you tell everyone about it. I was much less concerned with you off spending time in the other states. I concur. Actually, from a proper investigation/examination of ALL the information we’ve been given, I could never understand why anyone would go anywhere else? That’s why I asked in an earlier video, why you had changed your mind? Because you were so sure it was here before from what you had determined. …..but you found your way back. Of course it’s here!! But where?? That’s the million dollar question. …..a tank of gas away. So many places still to look. But far less than the alternative. Enjoy your trip up north to watch the solar eclipse.

    • Visiting the other locations we did this summer reinforced my conclusion it was in New Mexico. Warm waters halt anyplace else is contrived. Also, the logistics of taking the treasure someplace else other than the day long round trip just don’t work out. We’re going to beat the heck out of NM until the weather goes bad. Thanks – we’ll post some pix.

  2. Thanks for sharing these videos & thoughts.

    Both are of incredible quality!

    Out of curiosity, now that you have abandoned the north of Yellowstone search, will you be ‘releasing’ what were the 4 remaining clues? 🙂

    Is there an email address where I can send you a picture?

    But, as you may have already concluded, our blaze is a pictograph or petroglyph – likely of Native American origin.

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