11 thoughts on “Fenn’s Treasure: Cross Colorado Off Your Search List

  1. nice video. I have enjoyed watching a Gyspy’s Kiss videos and thoughts for some time now. I would disagree that the Denver Museum has no value as a clue, it does in my opinion. It actually made me laugh out loud when I saw it as it solidified my start position , yes that is somewhere other than Colorado. I emailed Forrest a few weeks ago that included some subtle hints of my own, and had not gotten any reply. Not strange I guess, but strange that this comes out now. My flight leaves tomorrow from Ohio , wish me/us luck.

  2. The publishing of Forrest’s new book in paperback does seem unusual since previous hardback books were high quality “collectibles”. Agree on your reasoning the justification was just to get it out faster in the marketplace for some reason. Perhaps the treasure about to be found or already found but not made public. Enjoy your program!

  3. Great analysis Toby. One video I’ve always thought was interesting was a HDNet Story by Jennifer London done in 2013. He seemed more nervous in that video than I think I’ve ever seen him. And there is some information there that goes along with some of these current topics you’ve brought up. I’m sure you’ve watched it before. Thought maybe it could be another subject/topic that you might want to analyze. I’m sure you have other stuff lined up though. Always good information from you Toby!! And I see no misdirection from you.

    Another thing I have always thought intriguing is that he has said people have been within 500 and then later 200 feet of the treasure. Yet he has said people only speak to him in “generalities”. And that it isn’t in very close proximity to a “human trail.” Yet he knows they’ve gotten closer. So how is he gauging it?

    • Thanks! He’s said that “…many people have been within 500 feet of the treasure, but didn’t know it.” He’s also said “…a couple of searchers have been within 200 feet of the treasure, and went right past it.” Before I write how I interpret that, he’s used exactly the same 200 foot line since late 2012. I think its plastic…something that increases the hope that finding the treasure is possible, but questionable. I often wonder why more searchers than the original “couple of” have not been within 200 feet as well. I think the 500 footers are simply driving by on a road that happens to be within 500 feet of the treasure. I think the 200 footers have turned off that same road and “put in” to a parking area “below the home of brown.” We use those measurements all the time when we’re on recon.

  4. Toby, I think you are doing a little mis-directing too. Maybe I’m over reading TTOTC, but to me the clues seem to be obvious (once fully researched) and consistent to not be true. I agree, Fenn thinks the treasure will be found soon. I also think you have a good idea of where it is – all but the Blaze. Maybe we will run into each other soon. By the way, I enjoy your videos and you have my full respect – very talented and capable.

    • Thanks! Interesting for me to consider that several years worth of blogging and vlogging (in which I have openly shared a copious amount of hard-earned research) can be perceived as “mis-directing.”

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