One Last Out-of-State Recon for 2017

One of the disadvantages of living in one of Fenn’s Rocky Mountain states is not having travel costs as an excuse not to head out and look for that damned treasure.

If we had to, we could be in Brown’s Canyon (CO) in 5 hours, Sinks Canyon (WY) in 11, and Gardiner (MT) in 14.

We promised ourselves a return trip to a couple of the out-of-New Mexico (out of 7 total) recons we’ve been on this year. Seems to us that this is as good a time as any, considering snow has fallen on Yellowstone, and a serious Autumn is ever drawing nigh. And, being retired, it’s not like I had a bunch of party plans anyway.

So, we’ll be out of pocket for several days, although our vlog will still release on Wednesday of next week. Who knows, we might even have another mini-treasure for you to find.

Yes, I realize this is the antithesis of my “The treasure is in New Mexico” theory, but, in all honesty, I’m taking my fly rod and a bunch of #14 Frenchie Nymphs with me. There are a river full of Cutthroat Trout up there that could use some catchin’.

Like Fenn says, I’m feeling like my elbow needs some room.

7 thoughts on “One Last Out-of-State Recon for 2017

  1. Been kinda thinking about this whole “new” book thing and the Denver clue/misdirection….. Makes you wonder though, if someone were getting “close”, …..just how close is close? Because if it we’re found tomorrow, this new book thing probably wouldn’t have the success he anticipates. The “discovery” would overshadow it. Or maybe that doesn’t phase him one way or the other and he just feels the need to publish something else. Just makes me think though, …..if Forrest Fenn really thought someone were close, would he have attempted this new book? Maybe he’s not worried about it at all……. Perspective. Maybe I’ll go fishing too.

    • Forrest, still my friend, by the way…wrote me the riot act over my hypothesis. “How do you know what I’m thinking,” he wrote. We had a little back and forth over “opinions” vs. facts.

      • Lol. He’s said the same to me over different things.

        I’m sure he finds your vlog most interesting Toby. 🙂 Of course he watches it. He watches everything.

  2. The future ain’t what it used to be Toby!! Safe travels wherever they may take you and have fun fishing. As Fenn says, the almighty doesn’t deduct those days. I’ll watch over NM for you till you get back. 🙂

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