How Fenn Answer’s Question – Live Stream with Q & A (Includes Text from Chat)

Text from Live chat

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Hello! Who would like to be our chat admin today?

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Start your questions to us with AGK:

Rick Plank​Hello from Cincinnati.

Sledneck​Surprise show, cool, maybe I am just out of the loop. lol

Justin Posey​Greetings from Austin, TX

cwd.tvtribal1000​hello saw you at book signing:)

Justin Posey​Her last name is “Luce” 😃

B Cross​Good evening!

Chris Bischof​AGK- Weren’t you a little surprised that Preston & Fenn didn’t even mention the ‘Fenn’s car parked at the Denver Museum reference’in the forward? I realize its probably an “unhelpful hint”.

Chris Bischof​AGK – Seems like it was a huge statement to go unaddressed.

Sledneck​hard to talk about a book when you have not seen it…

Justin Posey​AGK: What are your thoughts on Preston indicating there are clues in Forrest’s new book? Forrest’s posture following Preston’s comment seemed to indicate Forrest was uncomfortable with that statement.

David Dow​Greetingd from Nevada City, California.

Michael De​It would have been so much nicer if the questions were submitted ahead of time and reviewed by the people on the stage.

Rick Plank​AGK: I got the feeling that Forrest wanted to go on, but he said that he was not in control here. Did you also get that feeling?

Michael De​AGK I asked last week about another book by Fenn. I was wondering if the book inside the treasure chest might get published after the chest is found?

Justin Posey​AGK: Which question were you planning to ask Forrest at the recent book signing, Toby?

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk… did Fenn store the treasure at his home before he hid it….or gallery?

Chris Bischof​AGK: Sorry off topic a bit. Do you recall an instance in his books or interviews where Forrest talks about Slip & Slide Creek? It’s killing me but cant find a specific reference.

MR G​AGK-Fenn has said that “WWWH” happens at a 1000 places in the rocky mountains. Do you believe that the “WWWH” in the poem is one of these places?…

MR G​Or do you think that his “warm waters halt” is something completely different?” i.e., only one specific place in the entire search area. Thanks.

Rick Plank​AGK: One of his responses at Moby Dickens was “Do you have a plane?” That response has always intrigued me. What are your thoughts?

MR G​AGK-Do you think that Fenn, in years past, flew his plane close to the treasure location and even landed? Thank you.

Michael De​Agk Thank you for your vlogs

JanKirb​AGK could the treasure be on private land that he owns somewhere in the 4 states?

Justin Posey​AGK: Forrest originally had an IOU in the chest as a way to see if it had been found. He has since devised a better scheme. Any thoughts on what the methodology is?

Cindy Guess​Thank you!!!

steve remple​AGK. Hello enjoy your blogs. In the book TTOTC pg128. He writes at age 58 he realizes that he has slept a little over 19 years of his life and 3 of those years were on Monday. Is this a clue???

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk has forest said if the gramar is correct…if Brown is a name meek not a name

Justin Posey​Game & trail cam 😃

Chris Bischof​Justin – I think there is something more in the chest instead of the IOU. He alluded to the fact he discovered a better way.

David Dow​Game cam

Justin Posey​Chris: I agree, and I also agree with Toby in that it is not electronic in nature.

Chris Bischof​I concur. FF doesn’t seem like a techie. Haha.

Bill Gorman​Hey, I caught you two live

Michael De​Maybe there’s a camera in the HOB

Bill Gorman​”Suddenly I felt like a crippled ant in an elephant parade” f

Justin Posey​Thank you, folks!

sharpcf73​Where you find it

Bill Gorman​Michael there are several cameras along the poem’s path

B Cross​Thanks for today’s Stream!

steve remple​thanks gypsy

Bill Gorman​You’re holding me up from doing a 360 drone video of the Fennzone.

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk OK thanks…send me private message if u like

Justin Posey​Shelley: congratulations and best of luck on the new channel!

Michael De​So Bill, your about to find the chest?

Bill Gorman​Men watch Shelley for reasons other than topic.

cwd.tvtribal1000​HI bill I saw you at once upon a while signing

Bill Gorman​Tusk!

cwd.tvtribal1000​u showed me omegas

A Gypsy’s Kiss
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  1. Missed the live chat, but I did send Doug Preston a Facebook message and asked why he gave two different answers about where F parked his car at the last clue, and it would appear he is sworn to secrecy. He did reply, but said he could not answer that question.


    • Oh and I sent the FB message just a few days before the booksigning, then asked Forrest in an email why Doug said he couldn’t answer the question. I sorta thought it would be brought up at the booksigning, but it wasn’t.

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