This blog will remain dormant until further notice…

I’m not sure what’s happened in the past couple of days to create so much interest in this blog. But, it has resulted in several hundred new subscribers.

For subscribers new and old: I stopped maintaining this blog back in early 2014. It may be a long while before I get back to the search, and therefore, back to this blog.

Good luck with your search for Fenn’s treasure.



Where’s Waldo?

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I was retired.

I had planned to celebrate my 65th birthday and Final Retirement at the same party on January 18. But, fate, in the form of Forrest Fenn asking me to live stream the bronze jar raffle drawing event, intervened. The result is that on January 18, I announced the end of my retirement and the launching of a new business, StreamingNM. The business is running at full speed, and like all entrepreneurial ventures requires a lot of attention. From me.

Therefore, until further notice, I won’t have the time to maintain A Gypsy’s Kiss. I will leave it open so the information I’ve collected is still available.

I’ll get back to it once the new business requires less of my time. Thank you for your understanding, and good luck in your search for the hidden treasure.

Mid-Month Survey Update

Survey Countries

We are a little more than halfway through this month’s survey of Fenn treasure hunters. We have a total of 87 responses, which is not a bad sample. As you can see in the image above, the majority of respondents are from the United States. Other data indicates that, of those in the United States, 69% of the respondents live in States other than the “search States” of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please take a minute to do so. It’s relatively painless, and I plan to share all the data soon after the survey is completed on February 15, 2014. Click on the Survey link in the menu bar near the top of the page to get to the easy-to-take survey.

If you have a suggestion for next month’s poll or survey, please leave it in a comment box below.

Thank you!

I am Forrest Fenn.

The Place of PeaceI am Forrest Fenn.

I was born in 1930, and have lived during times of great difficulty and great promise.

I am a man of the real world, and not an imaginary one.

I am a man of unshakeable commitment; to my life, to my work, to my service; but most especially, to my family.

I am a man of the outdoors, as was my father before me. From him, I learned to love and respect nature.

I am a man of the past and the future. The present is only a river-washed stepping-stone between them.

I am a man of words and letters. And, if I have to make up my own, I do.

I am a man of contrasts. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not.

I am a man of eclectic tastes and interests. Enough to fill more than a single  lifetime.

I am a man of action and adventure, big and small, but, always with an objective.

I am a man of direction. I know where I am, where I’m going and how I will get there.

So…where would I hide a treasure if I had a treasure that wanted to be hidden?

I would hide it where the ancients and mountain men could appreciate and understand.

I would hide it in place that is magical in its simplicity.

I would hide it near my home, if my home were the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.

I would hide it in the past, and in the future. The present is only a river-washed stepping-stone between them.

I would hide it in The Place of Peace.

I am Forrest Fenn.

A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast | Episode 003 | Margie Goldsmith

If you’re interested in being interviewed for this series, please click on the Podcast Form link in the menu at the top of the page, fill out the form, and send it to me. I’ll contact you via email shortly thereafter.