One Last Out-of-State Recon for 2017

One of the disadvantages of living in one of Fenn’s Rocky Mountain states is not having travel costs as an excuse not to head out and look for that damned treasure.

If we had to, we could be in Brown’s Canyon (CO) in 5 hours, Sinks Canyon (WY) in 11, and Gardiner (MT) in 14.

We promised ourselves a return trip to a couple of the out-of-New Mexico (out of 7 total) recons we’ve been on this year. Seems to us that this is as good a time as any, considering snow has fallen on Yellowstone, and a serious Autumn is ever drawing nigh. And, being retired, it’s not like I had a bunch of party plans anyway.

So, we’ll be out of pocket for several days, although our vlog will still release on Wednesday of next week. Who knows, we might even have another mini-treasure for you to find.

Yes, I realize this is the antithesis of my “The treasure is in New Mexico” theory, but, in all honesty, I’m taking my fly rod and a bunch of #14 Frenchie Nymphs with me. There are a river full of Cutthroat Trout up there that could use some catchin’.

Like Fenn says, I’m feeling like my elbow needs some room.

Our Clear Creek Treasure Has Been Found Already!

Click on the image to see it full size.

Congratulations to searchers David and Ed, who apparently wasted no time in going out to retrieve it! We’ll announce a new, and probably a bit harder, treasure hunt next week. The treasure was hidden in a tree on Clear Creek near it’s confluence with the Cimarron River. I’ve also posted an album of some of the photos I shot in the area around the hidey spot.

Here’s the email we got from David and Ed:

“Good Evening Toby/Shelley,

Writing to let you know we were able to locate your cache in Clear Creek – Thank you for adding some extra fun to our Fenn Treasure search! We enjoy your vlogs immensely, please know that your quality research is also incredibly insightful. Finally, thank you for correcting the coordinates – we were in Eagles Nest across from the Econolodge trying to figure out what we were missing!

At any rate, proof is you left one SBA and we attached a pic that we found the cache. We have a video too, but is was too big to send via email.

Warm regards,

Dave and Ed”

Once we figure out how David can get the video to us, we’ll upload it to our YouTube channel, and share it here.



Live Stream of Forrest Fenn on November 2nd From Collected Works

F O R  I M M E D I A T E  R E L E A S E
September 18, 2017 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Shelley Carney and Toby Younis of A Gypsy’s Kiss announced today that they have agreed to live stream the launch and signing of Fenn’s new book, “Once Upon a While” on the evening of Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 from the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico. New York Times best-selling author, Douglas Preston, who wrote the foreword to the book, will share the dais with Fenn.

Younis said, “We’re very pleased Forrest has given us the opportunity to share this special event with the world. This will be the fourth event we’ve streamed on his behalf.” Viewers can watch the stream live on Carney’s and Younis’ YouTube Channel ( A recording will also be made available after the event.

More details will follow as the event nears.

For any questions, please send an email to

How Long Will Forrest Fenn’s Trasure Poem Live? Not Long Enough.

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Poem in "The Thrill of the Chase."

As a result of research we have conducted during several of our most recent recons, we have come to the conclusion that Fenn’s Treasure Poem (and, inherently, the alleged nine clues in the poem) has a limited life.

We believe some of the directional clues in the third stanza will be neutralized in as little as 25 years. We believe they will all be completely neutralized in as little as 100 years.

We further believe some of the environmental clues in the fourth stanza will be neutralized in as little as 100 years, although some, e.g., the blaze, may live as long as 1,000 years.

We believe that, although it was not necessarily done with intent, we are confident that Fenn would have been aware of the treasure poem’s limitations.

Fenn has often indicated his desire for the treasure to remain hidden for 1,000 years. Fenn has never indicated that the value of his treasure poem has the same longevity.

It is very likely that if one of your grandchildren finds the treasure, they will have accidentally stumbled upon it. Unless, of course, you have passed on your notes, your solutions, and your desire to seek fame and fortune.

Perhaps someone can ask the question of him at his book signing at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe on November 2nd.

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Fenn’s Treasure Photo Gallery: 2017 Cimarron Recon | Shelley Carney & Toby Younis

Notes on the recently released foreword to Fenn’s new book – a foreword written by Douglas Preston.

There’s an old saying in the intelligence community. We stole it from Ian Fleming. “Goldfinger,” if I recall correctly.

It goes like this: “Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, and three times, enemy action.

As we predicted, the search community, for the most part, has been sent into a tizzy over the release of the foreword to Fenn’s upcoming book, “Once Upon a While.” The book, according to the announcement, will be “launched” at an event at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe on November 2. It is, apparently, a reediting and reorganizing of 39 of Fenn’s previously published “Scrapbooks.”

We conclude that the foreword, while written by Preston, was produced with the council and edit of Fenn. It does exactly what was intended.

At this juncture, the only prediction we can make with a high level of confidence is that, before the end of 2017, some poor soul will be arrested attempting to dig in or around the Denver Museum of Nature and History.

The treasure has not been found, and none of this Fenn-driven effort will get you any closer to finding it. On the other hand:

  • It will sell books on behalf of Fenn’s beneficiaries, Susan and Lou.
  • It will guarantee a standing room only crowd at Collected Works and very likely, media coverage.
  • It re-energizes a flagging search community. (Although some of the more “introspective” have already announced their departures from the search in long, boring, pedantic and manipulative missives. You know who you are, cowboy, don’t you?)
  • It waves yet another shiny object to simultaneously misdirect and enthuse searchers who will question the validity of the “solves” they have been nurturing for years.

There are easily recognizable patterns in this, all of which are in the benefit of Chief Marketing Magician, Fenn – and, none of which will get searchers any closer to the treasure than the infamous map included in “Too Far to Walk.” Contrary to what some are already imagining, this is not a Fenn attempt to ensure the treasure is found before his death. If anything, it ensures that it will NOT be found before his death. A happy Fenn is a Fenn that dies knowing his legacy is intact.

More analysis and conclusions to follow in an upcoming video. You can download the full version of Preston’s foreword here: Treasure of Another Kind.

Until then, here’s the short version of our advice: Believe the poem, and question everything else from the master of misdirection, especially when it includes a dozen or more distinct rabbit holes in a single pass. If you needed any more evidence that Fenn’s treasure is hidden in New Mexico, Preston’s Foreword to Fenn’s next book is it.

Colorado? Seriously?

Forward to Fenn’s New Book, “Once Upon a While,” Written by Douglas Preston (Downloadable)

You can download a .pdf version of the forward to Fenn’s new book, “Once Upon a While.” The forward was written by his friend, author, Douglas Preston. Our analysis to follow. The short version: another Fenn shiney object and a masterpiece of misdirection. Should drive the masses wild.

Click here to download: Treasure of Another Kind