Our Revised Policy on Shared Solutions, 02/16/2018

We, very often, receive messages from other searchers suggesting that, for a variety of reasons, they wish to share their solutions (solves) to finding the treasure that Forrest Fenn hid – with us.

Up to this time, we’ve asked them NOT to share them with us, as we are actively searching for the treasure, and it could compromise our solution. We have also responded by saying that, if they ignored us, and sent the solution to us anyway, it became our property.

As of this post, we are changing the policy: if a searcher sends their solution (solve) to us, for any reason, we will publish that solution, including the searcher’s name and or email address, on this blog.

Our position on the matter is this: if there is a desire to have the solution shared, share it with everyone.


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