How Fenn Answer’s Question – Live Stream with Q & A (Includes Text from Chat)

Text from Live chat

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Hello! Who would like to be our chat admin today?

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Start your questions to us with AGK:

Rick Plank​Hello from Cincinnati.

Sledneck​Surprise show, cool, maybe I am just out of the loop. lol

Justin Posey​Greetings from Austin, TX

cwd.tvtribal1000​hello saw you at book signing:)

Justin Posey​Her last name is “Luce” 😃

B Cross​Good evening!

Chris Bischof​AGK- Weren’t you a little surprised that Preston & Fenn didn’t even mention the ‘Fenn’s car parked at the Denver Museum reference’in the forward? I realize its probably an “unhelpful hint”.

Chris Bischof​AGK – Seems like it was a huge statement to go unaddressed.

Sledneck​hard to talk about a book when you have not seen it…

Justin Posey​AGK: What are your thoughts on Preston indicating there are clues in Forrest’s new book? Forrest’s posture following Preston’s comment seemed to indicate Forrest was uncomfortable with that statement.

David Dow​Greetingd from Nevada City, California.

Michael De​It would have been so much nicer if the questions were submitted ahead of time and reviewed by the people on the stage.

Rick Plank​AGK: I got the feeling that Forrest wanted to go on, but he said that he was not in control here. Did you also get that feeling?

Michael De​AGK I asked last week about another book by Fenn. I was wondering if the book inside the treasure chest might get published after the chest is found?

Justin Posey​AGK: Which question were you planning to ask Forrest at the recent book signing, Toby?

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk… did Fenn store the treasure at his home before he hid it….or gallery?

Chris Bischof​AGK: Sorry off topic a bit. Do you recall an instance in his books or interviews where Forrest talks about Slip & Slide Creek? It’s killing me but cant find a specific reference.

MR G​AGK-Fenn has said that “WWWH” happens at a 1000 places in the rocky mountains. Do you believe that the “WWWH” in the poem is one of these places?…

MR G​Or do you think that his “warm waters halt” is something completely different?” i.e., only one specific place in the entire search area. Thanks.

Rick Plank​AGK: One of his responses at Moby Dickens was “Do you have a plane?” That response has always intrigued me. What are your thoughts?

MR G​AGK-Do you think that Fenn, in years past, flew his plane close to the treasure location and even landed? Thank you.

Michael De​Agk Thank you for your vlogs

JanKirb​AGK could the treasure be on private land that he owns somewhere in the 4 states?

Justin Posey​AGK: Forrest originally had an IOU in the chest as a way to see if it had been found. He has since devised a better scheme. Any thoughts on what the methodology is?

Cindy Guess​Thank you!!!

steve remple​AGK. Hello enjoy your blogs. In the book TTOTC pg128. He writes at age 58 he realizes that he has slept a little over 19 years of his life and 3 of those years were on Monday. Is this a clue???

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk has forest said if the gramar is correct…if Brown is a name meek not a name

Justin Posey​Game & trail cam 😃

Chris Bischof​Justin – I think there is something more in the chest instead of the IOU. He alluded to the fact he discovered a better way.

David Dow​Game cam

Justin Posey​Chris: I agree, and I also agree with Toby in that it is not electronic in nature.

Chris Bischof​I concur. FF doesn’t seem like a techie. Haha.

Bill Gorman​Hey, I caught you two live

Michael De​Maybe there’s a camera in the HOB

Bill Gorman​”Suddenly I felt like a crippled ant in an elephant parade” f

Justin Posey​Thank you, folks!

sharpcf73​Where you find it

Bill Gorman​Michael there are several cameras along the poem’s path

B Cross​Thanks for today’s Stream!

steve remple​thanks gypsy

Bill Gorman​You’re holding me up from doing a 360 drone video of the Fennzone.

cwd.tvtribal1000​agk OK thanks…send me private message if u like

Justin Posey​Shelley: congratulations and best of luck on the new channel!

Michael De​So Bill, your about to find the chest?

Bill Gorman​Men watch Shelley for reasons other than topic.

cwd.tvtribal1000​HI bill I saw you at once upon a while signing

Bill Gorman​Tusk!

cwd.tvtribal1000​u showed me omegas

A Gypsy’s Kiss
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The Events of May 18 and November 2.

In our YouTube channel live stream this coming week we are going to opine on the events of May 18, 2017 and November 2, 2017 and how they have affected Fenn. The presentation will be followed by Q&A from the live chat, in which we will express more opinions.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 1pm MT

If you care to join the conversation, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel at If you don’t care to subscribe you can go to

If you miss it, the live stream will be posted to our YouTube channel within a few hours after the live stream.

There is no charge for either.

The End Has Drawn Nigh.

The following are my opinions.

I have, on more than one occasion, said and written that the event on May 18, 2017 caused a change in Fenn. He was already tired of the “activity” around the effort to find the treasure he hid. May 18, to me, was the straw that broke the burro’s back. Soon after that, Fenn made a conscious decision to put distance between him and the search. Effectively, he went quiet, to the extent that it became a topic of conversation in the community.

There was, of course, a production effort to get the new book out, but most of the work was performed by Jessica, Susan and Lou – with a little help from Preston. The book, perhaps providing the opportunity for Fenn to pay down some karmic debt. Not that he has much, mind you.

But, if there was any doubt about Fenn circling the proverbial wagons closer to him, the book signing at Collected Works in Santa Fe on November 2, 2017 should put those doubts to rest. Call it his swan song.

(We streamed it. You can see it here.)

Here’s what I observed: a man who has made another conscious decision to spend whatever remains of his life not worrying about whether his treasure he hid is found or not. He’s done. We will cover the topic more in our next week’s live stream on YouTube. Subscribe here.

He will, I believe, go quietly, bravely, confidently, securely, proudly, happily, and with a great sense of satisfaction, into the night.

And, I believe he’s entitled to every bit of it.

Godspeed, Forrest Fenn. Thank you.

How Fenn Answers Questions

There is much excitement about the Fenn Book Signing Event at the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the evening of November 2, 2017. Can’t be there? No worries. We’ll be live streaming it to our YouTube channel (

There is an expectation that Fenn will be answering some of the hundreds, if not thousands, of questions that searchers have been posing and posting on the various forums, like this one:

“How do you know that the poem can be correctly understood by someone other than yourself? Everyone who reads the poem has their own interpretation of what it means. So how do you know that someone will eventually interpret it in exactly the way that you intended? If you have never revealed the clues and their meaning to anyone else, no one has ever verified that they can be understood in the way you intended. And, it’s possible that no one will ever unlock the precise interpretation of the poem that you imagined. You say that the poem is ‘difficult but not impossible’ which means that you think it is solvable – but what makes you think that it is solvable? How do you know that the clues can be deciphered by other people in the precise way that you intended?”

I’m happy that I’ll be in the audience, with a camera pointed in Fenn’s direction, to capture the look on his face if or when he gets this one.

Which, by the way, will not elicit the answer (or four, as there are four different questions in the paragraph above) the searcher expects.

Fenn will likely respond with something like, “Everything you need to know to find the treasure is in the poem.” I categorize that one as one of his “pat answers.”

So, let’s talk about how Fenn answers questions. Because, he answers questions based on how they are asked. He does nearly the same thing for interviews with journalists or questions from searchers in an audience.

There are four basic types of Fenn responses:

  • The “pat” answer. Fenn responds in this way when he perceives that the question has been asked and answered many times before, i.e., “How old were you when you buried the treasure?” Fenn has answered that question enough times to have developed a pat answer that includes “…I never said I buried it,” and “…don’t go where an 80 year old man couldn’t go.”
  • The misdirection answer. Fenn responds in this way when he perceives that the answer to the question may provide the audience (of one or more) additional hints or clues to the location of the treasure. He may or may not precede the response with something like, “I don’t want to answer that question…” and then move on to what I call “misdirection territory.”
  • The “Yes” or “No” answer. Fenn especially likes questions he can respond to with a simple yes, or no (exclusive of, again, giving out hints or clues). But, it is rare that he doesn’t expand on the yes or no to provide additional information. Unless he doesn’t particularly like you.
  • The avoidance answer. You can tell when Fenn doesn’t like the question when he responds to the question with a question. Which, technically is a form of misdirection. His question is designed to do one of two things – shut you up, or move on.


As a former journalist and documentary maker, when editorializing, I always ask questions that begin with one or more of the words how, who, where, when, what. I avoid using why unless it’s a hostile interview. I also avoid compound questions, i.e., “What were the conditions on the ground, and when did you realize you were in trouble?”

Unfortunately, that approach doesn’t apply to a Fenn post-book-signing Q&A.

If I was at the event, and I was going to ask questions, they would be short, non-compound, and elicit a “yes” or “no” response, upon which Fenn will provide additional information – if he likes you. If he doesn’t like you – you’re screwed anyway. That is a tactic very different from the one I would use were I a journalist with the opportunity to interview Fenn.

You’re more likely to get a useful response to “Does the sun ever shine directly on the treasure chest you hid?”

You are less likely to get a useful response to the a question like the one I cited above.



Another Search Season Ends. Fenn’s Treasure Remains Hidden.

As of this writing, November, 2017 is drawing nigh.

Counting a short one in 2010, that makes eight seasons under searcher’s respective belts (including 5 for me) with nothing to show for it.

Well, not exactly nothing.

To me, the distance between reality and fantasy in the forums is not only greater, but increasing at a far more rapid pace, as the combination of frustration and the evolution of interpretation and argument is ever more exaggerated. In some ways, they are helpful to Fenn’s goal of the treasure remaining hidden for at least a thousand years.

I can write without equivocation:

  • Fenn is not providing the community, any of them, especially “certain individuals,” additional hints or clues.
  • Nothing Fenn has said or written since the first edition of his “Thrill of the Chase” in 2010 has helped any searcher get closer to the treasure he hid.
  • No one has been closer than 200 feet to the treasure – and knew they were closer than 200 feet – a quote Fenn still used as recently as May, 2017.
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that any searcher has correctly decoded what are the meanings of “warm waters,” “home of Brown,” “no place for the meek,” and “the blaze.”
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that the treasure is hidden North of the border between New Mexico and Colorado.
  • To me, Fenn is tired of the “Chase,” realizing he significantly underestimated the number of interested parties, and the size of the population he once referred to as “the 7%.”

Here’s the good news: it’s still out there, and we have at least six months to plan our 2018 campaign, comfortable in the knowledge that no one else is any closer than we. Although, based on what I read in the forums, thousands are farther away.

Good luck in your search.

One Last Out-of-State Recon for 2017

One of the disadvantages of living in one of Fenn’s Rocky Mountain states is not having travel costs as an excuse not to head out and look for that damned treasure.

If we had to, we could be in Brown’s Canyon (CO) in 5 hours, Sinks Canyon (WY) in 11, and Gardiner (MT) in 14.

We promised ourselves a return trip to a couple of the out-of-New Mexico (out of 7 total) recons we’ve been on this year. Seems to us that this is as good a time as any, considering snow has fallen on Yellowstone, and a serious Autumn is ever drawing nigh. And, being retired, it’s not like I had a bunch of party plans anyway.

So, we’ll be out of pocket for several days, although our vlog will still release on Wednesday of next week. Who knows, we might even have another mini-treasure for you to find.

Yes, I realize this is the antithesis of my “The treasure is in New Mexico” theory, but, in all honesty, I’m taking my fly rod and a bunch of #14 Frenchie Nymphs with me. There are a river full of Cutthroat Trout up there that could use some catchin’.

Like Fenn says, I’m feeling like my elbow needs some room.

How Long Will Forrest Fenn’s Trasure Poem Live? Not Long Enough.

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Poem in "The Thrill of the Chase."

As a result of research we have conducted during several of our most recent recons, we have come to the conclusion that Fenn’s Treasure Poem (and, inherently, the alleged nine clues in the poem) has a limited life.

We believe some of the directional clues in the third stanza will be neutralized in as little as 25 years. We believe they will all be completely neutralized in as little as 100 years.

We further believe some of the environmental clues in the fourth stanza will be neutralized in as little as 100 years, although some, e.g., the blaze, may live as long as 1,000 years.

We believe that, although it was not necessarily done with intent, we are confident that Fenn would have been aware of the treasure poem’s limitations.

Fenn has often indicated his desire for the treasure to remain hidden for 1,000 years. Fenn has never indicated that the value of his treasure poem has the same longevity.

It is very likely that if one of your grandchildren finds the treasure, they will have accidentally stumbled upon it. Unless, of course, you have passed on your notes, your solutions, and your desire to seek fame and fortune.

Perhaps someone can ask the question of him at his book signing at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe on November 2nd.

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