Photo Album | Screening of “The Lure” | Santa Fe | 05.18.2017

More information on this great film about several of the Forrest Fenn treasure hunters at

Photo Gallery | 2017 Pilar Recon | A Gypsy’s Kiss | The Hunt for Fenn’s Treasure | Shelley Carney & Toby Younis

Photo Album | Raffle Drawing for the Bronze Jar | Collected Works Bookstore | Santa Fe | April, 2014

Photo Album | Cimarron Canyon Recon

Cimarron, translated from Spanish to English, means “Wild Place.”

Photo Album | Rio Chama Recon

Photo Album | Black Canyon River Run | December, 2013

Please click on any of the images to open it up in full-screen, player mode. (Note: I should mention that this trip onto the Colorado River below Hoover Dam from the Arizona side of the river had nothing to do with my hunt for Fenn’s treasure chest. The weather in New Mexico was crappy and the weather in Arizona was perfect, by Arizona in the summer standards. I hope you can live a little vicariously through the images. Although no where near as adventurous, I am always inspired by the YouTube videos produced and published by HannuYK.)

Photo Album | Pilar Recon | October, 2013

Pilar, New Mexico. South of Taos on SR 68 along the Rio Grande.

I am, for some unexplainable reason, continually drawn back to this area. It was populated by Puebloans as far back as 1000BCE. If “Brown” is a color, then the boulders in this part of the gorge make this the home of Brown. Odd to find a street sign with the words Aguas Calientes (plural), “warm waters.” Orilla Verde, “Green Corner.” Arroyo Hondo, “Deep River.”

There are petroglyps everywhere along the hiking trails.

While I was trout fishing this evening, an owl hooted loudly and continually behind me. Turning, I could see him perched in a small, dead tree about halfway up the far of the canyon.

I haven’t quite put it all together, but, there is mystery in the place.