First Grade (Ch 2) – Forrest Fenn’s The Thrill of the Chase – Live Stream with Q&A

Ep 003 Forrest Fenn Memoirs Book Club. Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis on the Forrest Fenn Memoirs Book Club, and drink some fine wine, as we discuss “First Grade” the second chapter in Forrest Fenn’s first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.” Live stream followed by Q&A.

Chat Room

Joel Lewicki?Good afternoon, here’s to raising a glass? and learning something! :)??

Man In The Barn?Good? Afternoon All\

James Kruse?Good afternoon?

Jimmy Fast?Hi? everybody

Joey Pero?Hey? y’all!

David Charles Davio22?outstanding..?

Paul McGinty?Good afternoon?

Joel Lewicki?AGK: corkage? is totally made up

Man In The Barn?AGK – 1st Question… Why is is titled First Grade when only the first line is about? the 1st grade? Hmmmmm..

Seannm Seannm?Afternoon? all

Joel Lewicki?AGK:? Audio is good –

Joey Pero?ATK returns? ! Toby- that UPS should arrive tomorrow.

James Kruse?A? tipsy bliss:)

B Cross?Ready.? Set..Go!

Eric Schmidt?AGK: Last night was? fun!

Jimmy Fast?Yup?

B Cross?Lookin good? and soudin better!

Journeyman?Hey everybody!!!!! 70 in? Missouri today

Cindy Guess?Sound is? good!

Joey Pero?Nice ! 57? here in NYC. Not bad.

Michael Elder?[message retracted]

David Charles Davio22?THe TIME stamp is not? True.

Laurie James?his fascination with olive jars continues? …

Mary Green??? housekeeping?

Kira?illegitimate is? also the irony Fenn said john charles mother called him

Joey Pero?Ohh scandalous? !

Laurie James?Fremont Pass above Leadville,? CO

Ben Parisi?Hi all?

Kira?Theres Fremont everything in the? Rockies

Joey Pero?We can? all relate!

Paul Wood????

Laurie James?I think he had low self esteem because of Skippy being such a large? being … a lot to live up to.

David Charles Davio22?TIME Stamp…THE correct date Wednesday 16 sept. 1936 . page 16… Very? INTERESTING.

Mary Green?agk ff picked on bc dad was the principal?

Journeyman?AGK I don’t see Fenn doing that (the sign) even at that age. It seems the only? one opinions he cared about was family.

Phillip Jennings?AGK: I’m here late, if? this chapter covers the class photo did you ever notice there is an extra name?

jaswinters?yes i think? he mention it in an interview with his hair

Laurie James?think buckets came from miners carrying? their food into mines …

Kira?no name cigarettes are also known? as marijuana.

Seannm Seannm?Or just cheap? aka no names.

Man In The Barn?AGK… He speaks more then just the olive Jar. Ge speaks about? how the olives are placed in it. I am confident it is a reference to a Gabion you will see at the location.

Mary Green?agk no? name cigarettes prince albert in the can

David Charles Davio22?Yes it? Does. I have most the book memorized.

Journeyman?Roll your own ciggs. were cheap and no? branding, very popular back then

David Charles Davio22?There IS a? Keyword!

Kira?420 is good for? chemo. rabbit hole to tie back to cancer.

Jimmy Fast?@david? Charles what is it?

Laurie James?Thank You? Shelley! The brains.

David Charles Davio22?HINT.Just? heavy loads= depression..Water high= current..SO Depression-era currency. RESEARCH.THE 1933 Double eagle coin. THEE MOST collected coin in the world ! THATS the BOMB.

Mary Green?agk cool a? book of the analysis

James Kruse?Great? info, thanks guys

David Charles Davio22?Olive green.? IS the military

Eric Schmidt?Jolly? Green Giant rescued him..

Paul Wood????????????

David Charles Davio22?Jimmy . I’ll let? you if you get it write.

Jimmy Fast????

Phillip Jennings?AGK: Shelley, Forrest mentions that he has the mind of a 13yr old, or that a 13yr old mind? is the one he kept. Are you using this to look for hints in the book, how?

David Charles Davio22?Community?

Joey Pero?The? Best!

David Charles Davio22?jimmy. Time stamps ? Are? they fact or not?

Tl Mattes?Thanks Mods!!?

Kira?tipsy? bliss!!!!

Seannm Seannm?AGK: you skipped the? first paragraph of the chapter, any reason why?

Mary Green???Thanks? Mods!!

Joey Pero?I think Fenn has said that one of his first memories was hearing his grandmother talking about the Native? Americans chasing the chickens in the barn.

Joey Pero?Haha my? first concert was the Monkees in Buffalo, NY Weird Al was the opening act in 1986

David Charles Davio22?Page 4 ALPHA. page 6 W Omega, age refers? to page 6

jaswinters?Wierd? Al is going to be where i live June 9th Clear Lake, Iowa??

Seannm Seannm?AGK: the first grade chapter almost seems to be a allegory to Forrest’s introduction to social standings, hence the “first? grade”

Joey Pero?AGK I believe? the olive jar description is a hint for boots on the ground. Thoughts?

Inna Yarm.?Hi Shelley &Toby! Great show! you are? creating a special energy around Fenn’s story! Two questions: 1)how often do you see Fenn? 2) will you open a travel business based on Fenn’s story? thank you!

jaswinters?for DNA?

Paul McGinty?AGK A gabion is a cage, cylinder,? or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for use in civil engineering, road building, military applications and landscaping.

Susan Heckenliable?maybe olives in the? jar is describing rocks stacked on or around the treasure

Dan Kirk?ATK: Do you think the clues could? all be metaphors? i.e. Canyon isn’t actually a canyon but something else?

Seannm Seannm?AGK: the two hairs and? DNA mention is from the huff post 9-17-13 article by Margie Goldsmith.

Paul Wood?Atk what do u think? 10000 means

Brian Poeppelman?Sydney Kacir (last name), Pat Morisak,? Edard ???

Eric Schmidt?Paul, you mean 10200??

Laurie James?A Gabion? a cylindrical wire cage filled with stones. sometimes used in dams or dikes.

David Charles Davio22?KiDs See Faces,? in clouds, maps.

Brian Poeppelman?The circles in the school picture aren’t complete circles…? seems strange.

Joey Pero?^_____you’re a thinker Brian!?

Eric Schmidt?BRIAN!! Excellent? find – hadn’t noticed that

Cmonkeyification?AGK: Is email a good way to reach you? guys?

Journeyman?The circles are 2 – 3 lines apiece.? and all but one is open at the bottom. Always bothered me also.

Man In The Barn?Gabion Wall… It’s worth googling and then looking at page 177? in TFTW.

David Charles Davio22?TIME stamps are? Important. Hint.

Timothy Alkire?The stamps are being used as Lat. or Long. Take 1+9+33=43 or 1+9+3+3=16 this is? important…

Bryan Schultz?Fenn? is an emotional man? interesting

Seannm Seannm?AGK:? so Toby you consider yourself a cold cognitive and Shelley more a hot cognitive?

Forrest Lovette?Hey guys,? another Forrest here!

Joey Pero?????

Dan Kirk?[message retracted]

David Charles Davio22?Warm water halts = cool water starts. THATS a big hint.?

David Charles Davio22?Canyon down? = Down in the valley.

Dan Kirk?AGK: Sorry I keep typing “ATK” because I am also a fan of America’s Test Kitchen,? and they sometimes say “ATK”


Mary Green?@ Timothy Alkire, tried that with time stamps didnt? get anywhere, that said yes thats it the chest corrds

Bryan Schultz?You? could always make the point that the gold coins are new and old. Old gold but newer coins

Timothy Alkire?[message retracted]

Eric Schmidt?AGK: The? only circle that matches Fenn is Kacir

Jimmy Fast?The arrow? is fenn in the first row…circles are his childhood friends

David Charles Davio22?PIE. marbles, coins = clocks time? compass

Bryan Eagle?and brother? circled

Seannm Seannm?AGK: check your email. I sent you the link to the? article. And yes it does speak about DNA and carbon-12 testing.

Journeyman?EDARD? is not circled

Brian Poeppelman?AGK: “John Charles whatever” gets to “John Charles Fremont”. I agree with. How does “Ora Mae” not get to “Ora Mae Washington” – ‘Queen of Tennis’??

Jimmy Fast?Edward? is the first circled kid on the left

Journeyman?Sorry your right?

David Charles Davio22?HINT.Just heavy loads= depression..Water high= current..SO Depression-era currency. RESEARCH.THE? 1933 Double eagle coin. THEE MOST collected coin in the world ! THATS the BOMB.

Bryan Eagle?Ora Mae was Whoopi’s character in “Sister Act”, didnt she roll her own? in that movie?

Laurie James?that’s exactly it? Toby!

B Cross?Great show?

David Dow?Fun show? today.

Joey Pero?You’re the best !?

B Cross?Maybe Pinot next week?

Journeyman?Great? show see ya soon!

Timothy Alkire?Mary, it’s not the TC but it puts you where you will find the Blaze and the TC is when you look quickly down. Don’t look at? your feet look way down because he has a 1,000ft bluff behind him.

Tl Mattes?Good Job Everyone!? Thanks ??

Mary Green?thanks agk? another great show

Road Runners?See ya Saturday?

David Charles Davio22?RIGHT on Much? love

diego kelly?good? show

Eric Schmidt?Thanks? guys


Mary Green?@ Timothy Alkire, ill study again?


Forrest Fenn Book Club, TTotC, (Ch 1) Important Literature – Live Stream w/ Q&A

Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis on the Forrest Fenn Memoirs Book Club, and drink some fine wine, as we discuss “Important Literature” the first chapter in Forrest Fenn’s first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.”

Live Chat

A Gypsy’s Kiss?Stream starts at 1 pm MST. Start questions with AGK and please? stay on topic.


Eric Schmidt?Greetings? – I am auditing this course

Man In The Barn?Hey Toby and Shelley… Been? waiting for this one. Very important section

Dan VonBank?MY first live stream!!! Dan? from MN

Jimmy Fast?Woo? hoo

Rick Plank?Hello from Cincinnati?

David Dow?Hello?

Eric Schmidt?Does it appear darker than normal to anyone? besides me?

TheStraightMustard?Finally? able to see this live!

Laurie James?Hola?

Jimmy Fast?Audio Clipped?

TheStraightMustard?Hello from New Mexico!?

Mary Green?AGK turn the lights up some?

James Kruse?Howdy all?

Dale Richards?Good Afternoon!?

Man In The Barn?I think Toby pushed something that made? it clip I think

Paul McGinty?Hello from UK?

Dale Richards?I drink Scotch. Wine gives me a headache?

Mary Green?cool? faq pg

Cmonkeyification?Light? good. Volume low.

Eric Schmidt?Audio is now low?

Chuck Denny?AGK – Keep up the good work…sounds fine here – Indian? Trail, NC

Mary Green?AGK? looks good and sound is good

TheStraightMustard?Looks? and sounds great now!

Quest geek?hello from Tennessee?

Tom K?Yes!? Another wine club meeting. ??

John York?AGK; I look forward? to these chats, thanks!

Quest geek?sounds? good to me

Kira?sounded fine?

Eric Schmidt?Sounds good now? – thank you

B Cross?Happy Pre-Friday!?

Laurie James?shelley needs to move right … she blocks the screen. ?????

TheStraightMustard?Ute Park?

Eric Schmidt?Ketchum,? Idaho?

Bryan Eagle?Philmont? owns that area, almost sure.

TheStraightMustard?Philmont owns over 144,000 acres of land up? there.

Bryan Eagle?but specifically midnight mesa and turkey creek / bear canyon areas west of town?

steve remple?AGK That is very? interesting. Two hidden references to the hole in the wall gang.??

Dale Richards?More than two? Steve…

Laurie James?Very low? self esteem.

steve remple?Dale, care to? share?

Dale Richards?It’s coming, I think.? Further in.

Man In The Barn?Toby… The money they make from them sitting drinking coffee it a higher GP then the book sales?

Dale Richards?wait, are? we done with Important Literature?

phil?AGK: Will you include? pg numbers in episode titles plz, THANKS, my life now revolves around AGK

Seannm Seannm?Borderline biddie,? maybe a woman who Forrest may consider as not quite gone to seed yet. Middle aged.

Eric Schmidt?Regarding the new rope statement and the hanging, look? up Willie Kennard.

Aksarben?i would say do not discount the biddie line. He talks? about two biddies again in another chapter. examples of stagnate population growth.

Kira?bells tolls, there is a video on Dal site where Fenn says he does this on purpose just to see responses if? people are paying attention

Steven Merillat??? and ?? and? ?? = good?

Mary Green?@? Steven Merillat…indeed

Dale Richards?There? it is. Robert Redford.

Eric Schmidt?remember Redford also played Gatsby!?

steve remple?I think that’s? interesting

Aksarben?The Outlaw Trail? is a good book with great photos of their trip.

Mary Green?A Farewell to Arms is a novel by Ernest Hemingway?

Mary Green?A Farewell to Arms is a novel by Ernest Hemingway? going to have to read farewell agian

Eric Schmidt?Redford also played “liver? eating” johnson – a mountain man

Virgil Caine is my name?Time seems to come? up quite often with Fenn

Dale Richards?AKG: I went to Lander too.? I also visited Atlantic City and Southpass while there. Good Stuff! Atlantic City has a great pub.

Laurie James?Perhaps the? book was banned in Texas

Dale Richards?IMO: Robert Redford as an actor is less? important than his book.

Mary Green?interesting Fenn is getting books in 2010 at? book store

Virgil Caine is my name?Salingers style is colloquial and it seems? Fenn copied his style and stole parts of CITR

Cmonkeyification?@ Virgil. Agree. e.g. “What do you? think?”

Laurie James?not a boomer 1930?

Virgil Caine is my name?Cmonkeyfication ???

Man In The Barn?Greatest? Generation

Man In The Barn???

Journeyman?Late but? here.

Virgil Caine is my name?but he leaves the? d out of knowlege

Mary Green?but? looked up every word of the poem

Paul McGinty?AGK: Don’t have the book, just listening with? interest

Dale Richards?Fenn? likes mysteries of the past.

Seannm Seannm?AGK: what came first? imagination or knowledge.

Heather Guillen?Hi Toby &? Shelley!

Susan Heckenliable?He does say during an interview because he was a writer he looked up words like “few”?

Virgil Caine is my name?What would that particular issue have? been?

JanKirb?FYI he? uses “asterisk” twice in the book

steve remple?AGK Why does he purposely misspell? Border’s?

Laurie James?AGK. Hole in a? Wall = Hiding Spot?

JanKirb?p 76 asterisk #2?

Dale Richards?AKG: Why have? you not given The Outlaw Trail more attention in your search?

Journeyman?AGK * is a wild card on computers and a joker in a poker hand is a wildcard hand. The first two brown type pages, What do you think??

Dale Richards?AKG: The same Trappers that blazed the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail started the Outlaw Trail, It? was their main route between Taos and the North Rockies where they trapped and had Rendezvous year round.

Laurie James?AGK. did the cattle drives go? through Santa Fe or near Cimmeron?

Eric Schmidt?AGK: there is only one astericks?

Bryan Eagle
Hi From? Austin

TheStraightMustard?AGK: Can we? ask a question that isn’t in regards to the book especially if we don’t have the ability to usually be here when regular questions are asked? Thanks.

Quest geek?I believe he spent the night at the hidey spot by his juniper fire after hiding the chest? then returning to his car in the morning jmho…..from Tennessee

Virgil Caine is my name?AGK: Really enjoyed the Book? Club, great job!

Aksarben?Ak-sar-ben ( Nebraska spelled backwards, fitting? for a simple cypher)

John York?AGK; I? like the new wall art!

Steven Merillat

Steven Merillat?AGK – Im thinking about adding? a partner for the search, my area is 7000 x 200 at a high elevation 8000ft. ,pros and cons please. In the context of his Borders trips.

john gould?AGK? The first paragraph in “ For Whom the Bell Tolls”, — It sounds like it could have been written by Fenn about his? childhood. Laying on the forest floor by a stream, near a dam and a mill. Hmmm…

Bryan Eagle?Cool! Been here since the 70s, we have? the same solution. My ma lives by said lakes, swam there myself!

Bryan Eagle?I lived in Santa Fe? 94-97, worked on the plaza

Dale Richards?ATK: I sometimes feel like Fenn has? us all running around solving and presenting new solutions to historical mysteries of the west.

TheStraightMustard?I am a lady not a man, it’s ok. I get it,? weird name! Thanks for answering! Awesome!

Joey Pero?Hello? everyone !

Dale Richards?ATK: When I see a book on Fenn’s shelf I think it must be there to help? him solve a mystery or to reminisce.

TheStraightMustard?But on the border of Utah and Colorado do the San Juans or? the rockies come that close?

Joey Pero?@AGK Fenn talks about the size – dimension of? the books in Borders, as well as the fact they’re paperbacks. Have you taken a good look at the wonderful construction of his memoirs?

Susan Heckenliable?interesting the Time reference as well. Have you ever looked at an old map of northern nm? Or maybe an old map of the Outlaw? trail would be a good map.

Joey Pero?ATK =? A Tippsies KISS. Hahahha!

Dale Richards?Lol?

Bryan Eagle?ha~!?

TheStraightMustard?I wonder if the moral of the story is about western expansion or how the west was won since all the states? involved have a lot of history revolving around the wild west?

Mary Green?AGK fenn was buying books in jan 2010 hid treasure @ 79 or 80, 2010 turns 80 in aug. was he working on this book in jan 2010??

Paul Ammons?AGK?: FF Describes the weather both times? when he went to Borders (it was raining) For me it seemed odd to mention that?

steve remple?AGK Forrest writes? the word “time” 9X in this story. Do you think this means anything? 3,6,9? Time mag in trash seams so out of place.

Chris Johnson?@Joey The dimensions of the books Fenn gives seem to match the structure of the poem. Six (6) stanzas of four (4)? lines each

David Cline?When is your first trip of the year going? to be?

Steven Merillat?AGK one more? The story of his trips? to Border’s in my opinion is a story of the search > he was alone but had to get help for something while he was there. Then he was embarrassed by someone.

Bryan Eagle?@David Cline they said on Tues sometime in? the late spring this year

Mary Green?AGK? thanks

Susan Heckenliable?I think Time? is an important hint. The title page of the book is missing the printing date, it is in the back of the book instead.

TheStraightMustard?Or monsoon season??

Virgil Caine is my name?@steve remple he drinks Dr Pepper which is 10,2 and 4. Again? a reference to time

Dale Richards?AGK: I’ve been to? Brown’s Park too. It’s unique. I highly recommend a visit to Jarvie Ranch on Utah’s side if you go. And gas up before going in.

Thomas D?AGK interesting as always? thank you

Joey Pero?@AGK what? kind of wine today?

Paul McGinty?AGK: Thank you for your time?

TheStraightMustard?Thanks for a great show! ???

Laurie James?Wineries send wine all the time … ups. fed x …? no law against that.

Journeyman?Thanks? Guys!!

Paul Wood?keep up the good work?

Eric Schmidt?Thank? you!


Paul Ammons?Darn! I dont drink?? maybe a fly rod next time?? great show thanks!!?

Jacki Naden?Great show? guys thanks

Laurie James??????

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