Where’s Waldo?

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I was retired.

I had planned to celebrate my 65th birthday and Final Retirement at the same party on January 18. But, fate, in the form of Forrest Fenn asking me to live stream the bronze jar raffle drawing event, intervened. The result is that on January 18, I announced the end of my retirement and the launching of a new business, StreamingNM. The business is running at full speed, and like all entrepreneurial ventures requires a lot of attention. From me.

Therefore, until further notice, I won’t have the time to maintain A Gypsy’s Kiss. I will leave it open so the information I’ve collected is still available.

I’ll get back to it once the new business requires less of my time. Thank you for your understanding, and good luck in your search for the hidden treasure.

Announcing A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast!

podcast-headphonesI do everything in my power to add a post to this blog at least twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays, unless I’m traveling, as is the case this week.

But, I’m taking a few minutes away from the holiday festivities here on the East Coast to announce the latest addition to this blog: a weekly podcast containing an interview with one of the active hunters in the community of Fenn Hidden Teasure searchers.

I’m very interested in learning more about who everyone is without the filter of anonymity. The conversation will be about the person, and not their search solutions or strategies. Although, we’ll finish every interview with the following two questions:

  1. How do you think Fenn will know if the treasure has been discovered, and
  2. In which State do you think Fenn hid the treasure, and why?

I plan to post the first interview with a surprise guest on Monday, January 6, 2014, and then every Monday thereafter with a new guest every week.

If you think you have an interesting story to share with the rest of the search community, please click on the “Podcast Form” link at the top of the page, fill it out completely, and submit it. I’ll schedule them in the order in which your response appears in my mailbox.

In my response, you’ll receive a tentative date for the interview confernce call, the log in for the converence call, and the set of questions I’ll be using to conduct the interview. The first three interviews of the year are already booked with special guests, so yours will be scheduled sometime after that.