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ObsidianHoax​Hi, good afternoon

Joel Lewicki​AGK: I can moderate if you need

RedneckExpress​Howdy y’all

ObsidianHoax​I only have 15 min.

Adam Foddy​AGK: Hi guys. I need to rush out now but ill leave a couple of questions for when i watch it back later.

ObsidianHoax​the Address is in the description

Wayne Peterson​hello from Durango Colorado NuggetBrain Wayne Peterson

ObsidianHoax​Lucky Wayne, leaving in the area. fortunate 😉

Joel Lewicki​oh, they’ll be banhammered.

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ObsidianHoax​you even have a wrench next to your name

Adam Foddy​AGK: Forrest Fenn has been quoted on Wikipedia saying that should the price of gold rise to the point where the value of the treasure reaches $10 million he’s going to go and fetch it himself! I

Adam Foddy​AGK: is there any truth to this?

ObsidianHoax​it was a joke, since he also said that it would be there in 10,000 years, and he’s old. He’ll be gone before it rises to $10 million dollars

Seannm Seannm​3 weeks and counting, no book yet.

Steve Klein
keep up the good work .

Wayne Peterson​AGK as you might know how many of the 9 clues have been figured out

Adam Foddy​AGK: In your recent blog toby stated that there are some hints in the preface of tje new book written by a third party. Does this not mean that this person is aware of where the treasure is hidden??

Seannm Seannm​Third Act?

Steve Klein​nothing personal against Dal but I don’t trust his blog something just not right about it

Richard Hunter​AGK: Forrest recognizes that it may be many years, perhaps decades or longer, before the treasure is found. Forrest knows that Dal’s blog will not have the permanency as a printed book.

Seannm Seannm​@AGK do you see in significance in his omitting the 40th SBand the subject matter of what I assume to be SB 179?

RedneckExpress​Technically, it was Jesus that spoke the parables and the gospel writers just documented them.

Jay Ell​I wonder if FF is watching this……

Spurious Effect​Only if he forgot where he put the treasure.

Jay Ell​Spice chapter??????? What a classic!!!!

welder4hireaj​the word that is key….

Wayne Peterson​what is Dale’s sight hiw do we find it

Joel Lewicki​

Wayne Peterson​thanks

Eric Schmidt​39 chapters, interesting number

RedneckExpress​If FF wants to be cremated and then have his ashes scattered over the chest – I volunteer for the job! just sayin…

Seannm Seannm​LOL

RedneckExpress​I disagree, I think he went all out for a “classic” treasure hunt and buried it. He’s slipped on saying it a few times too…

Steve Klein​[message retracted]

RedneckExpress​Even in Moby Dickens.. He starts “I buried the che… I HID the chest..”

Wayne Peterson​I believe hidden but not buried

Steve Klein​I agree with you redneck express

Chris Bischof​This has already been discussed. Its likely for legal reasons FF corrected his words on multiple occasions

welder4hireaj​9. lol

Chris Bischof​AGK – Did you receive a signed copy from Collected Works? Just wondering if there is still a batch of signed books available.

RedneckExpress​AGK: What about possible hints in OUAW from the drawings/images? Your review seemed to focus on clues only from the text. I believe the cover may even have a clue, especially since F discounted it

Bryan Schultz

MR G​AGK: Do you think Douglas Preston knows for sure what State the treasure is in?

Seannm Seannm​AGK: do you see this book as his “Third Act”?

Seannm Seannm​And the bank you both for all you do!

MR G​AGK: What was the deal with the story that appeared in the Abq journal a couple years ago about the treasure solve near the Vietnam Memorial in….

Ronald Conley​AGK: Has anyone ever asked if the sun ever shines on the chest?

MR G​.Angel Fire, somebody claimed that the treasure was there and then when they went back it was gone? Do you remember why this story made the Journal?

welder4hireaj​agk… Is there any consensus on what the word that is key may be?

Seannm Seannm​AGK: more of a statement than a question, but do you believe that both Douglas,Shiloh and a host of those closest to Forrest do not search because of fear of finding it and being accused of inside inf

imont80​Montemayor AGK : How do you think FF was planing to go to his final place without someone finding his car and therefore find his place?

Chris Bischof​AGK – I’ve wondered if the State of New Mexico got tipped off somehow (even in the slightest way) by Forrest that the treasure is hidden in the state, when they put together that tourism video.

David Dow​Do you believe the location of the chest is at a lower elevation than from the location of where you find the blaze?

discernment4theSoul​Fenn said to think big when thinking about the clues, plus we are told google maps is a good resource, have you guys considered the continental divide for wwh? If not why?

Chris Kirk​AGK: Will you be disappointed if someone finds the treasure and doesn’t reveal details of it’s location, thus never finding out how the lines of the poem align with real life locales?

Mary Green​#tarry

MR G​AGK: A few years ago Fenn did a “Clue a month” on “The Today Show” I believe. Seems like he only did a few and then it stopped. Do you know why?

Wayne Peterson​AGK Fenn stated people pass by it every day. but nobody sees it

Carl Cox​i think the blaze is a tree, with a big cavity, and a big burnt 4ft long burnt scorched spot, where it was set on fire and put out

Jeremy Milstead​Wayne, he never said that.

Chris Kirk​The new season of Longmire on Netflix, has a subplot involving a fictional version of Fenns treasure.

Ronald Conley​AGK: Since Forrest said that only two people can keep a secret if one is dead, do you think that he might have made an indirect reference to Skippy?

discernment4theSoul​As much as Forrest talks about historical legends, home of molly brown seems like a good candidate, what do you guys think?

Carl Cox​hid it under the home of brown, what if it was , dog poop, and a brown dog lived there lol

Cindy Guess​AGK: Forrest took out the IOU because he had worked out a better way to know when the treasure is discovered. What do you think that could be?

Justin Mead​AGK: Do you believe the early (and possibly continued) mention of a rental car was a ruse? Also, how truly important will aerial photography (Google Earth) be in the final solve?

Seannm Seannm​AGK: what is more important in your interpretation of the first clue: what wwwh is or where wwh is ?

David Dow​During one interview, as Forrest was describing Dal, he said that Dal’s “waters run deep”. What does he mean by waters? Could that relate to warm waters?

welder4hireaj​discerned. my solve used the continental divide for wwwh….I feel it does give a point

Mary Green​agk you could disclose where the TC and how the poem worked in a book fig out clues riddle style would be cool

craig foulds​[message retracted]

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Thanks! Have a great week!

RedneckExpress​Thanks AGK – Great Stuff!!

Sevenblade​AGK: May I ask where the first ever location was when you guys started the search?

Cindy Guess​Thanks! Great Job!

Wayne Peterson​thanks for the show

Rick Plank​AGK: Thank you. I really enjoy your VLOGs.

discernment4theSoul​Welder..I believe it’s the first clue, and it fits my solve well

AK Seventeen dollars per square inch (of YouTube)! Thanks for your perspectives and entertainment!

A Gypsy’s Kiss​@AK Thank you!

A Gypsy’s Kiss​@sevenblade My first BOTG was on the Chama River below El Vado Dam.

A Gypsy’s Kiss​@seannm Our locations are defined in the NM Fishing Regulations.

A Gypsy’s Kiss​@cindyguess the return of the bracelet.

A Gypsy’s Kiss​@Justin Mead We do not believe he rented a car. Google Earth is critical to determining the first two clues.

Wayne Peterson​Fenn stated in one of his she’s ppl pass by it daily but nobody sees it

A Gypsy’s Kiss
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Photo Album: Macro, Hi-Res Photos of Postmarks in Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase

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Special thanks to Man in the Barn for volunteering to moderate our chat.

Jimmy Fast​For not being able to hear, Forrest sure came alive and changed the subject when Shiloh said you should see the museum basement

Seannm The “Third Act” so to speak

Michael De​what about the “unauthorized biography with the treasure?

B Cross​AGK: I was surprised Forrest said it was not really raining at Borders as he said Did I understand him correctly that he added that simply as a matter for readers” interest?

Joel Lewicki​ AGK: Do you think his reticence to answer questions is because he is concerned that he will go off script and reveal more than he wants?

Eric Schmidt ​Michael De – that is not available to anyone

Cindy Guess​ AGK: Have you met Shiloh previously and do you think Fenn’s children/grandchildren have had any interest in searching for the treasure.

ashley bergstrom ​AGK: Or do we think Shiloh will keep a presence with searchers going forward?

MR G​ What is with this Kyle guy that has posted a series of new videos about the Treasure being at San Lazaro and some secret book about “Lost Kivas”?

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ Kelly is daughter told me she went on a search. she wouldn’t say where though.

gallant171​ AGK: What kind of clues, if any, do you think are in the new book?

Man In The Barn ​AGK – well said- During the release of the OUAW the FF team started referring to TFTW as a memoir. I always heard it as a scrap book. Do you see that as something to pay attention too?

Michael De ​AGK do you think FF last book will be the Unauthorzed biography”?

OG Slap Slap​ Thanks dog

Eric Schmidt ​AGK – I have read through the book, and was mostly pleased with the various stories… however the one on the spices was like a big question mark? What was the point of that?

MR G​ Toby have you began reading the new book? Opinion?

Seannm ​AGK: Shelly take Toby shirt shopping 🙂

OG Slap Slap​Lmaooooooooooooo

Jimmy Fast ​Lol

jaswinters ​AGK I do believe there is a chest and been on the chase BOTG twice and like Mr. Fenn but after researching him 2+years he does say he is a charleton and story teller + FBI scandal what do u think?

Eric Schmidt​ AGK – Toby the writer’s name is Max Evans

MR G ​AGK-What is with this Kyle guy that has posted a series of videos about the Treasure being at San Lazaro and some secret book about “Lost Kivas”?

Cindy Guess​ AGK: I believe Mr. Fenn’s facial expression said he knew Preston was going to say the new book contains vital clues. If this is true, do you think we should not believe that it does contain clues?

MR G ​AGK-Toby do you think there is anything in the poem that needs to be deciphered according to a technical/scientific approach?

ashley bergstrom​im taking off from my kids!!

Matt​Careful Toby, those ppl will read between the lines. that no he didn’t draw it, but directed the person to, therefore they reinforce their belief there is something there. lol

GhostriderI​ AGK- From what ya’ll know of Mr.Fenn What are some things that would make a place “special”

Eric Schmidt Ghostriderl they have a vlog on that subject

GhostriderI​ Ok Thanks I missed it

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ I don’t know he ever says never. I’d like him to do videos with you guys. Maybe with questions he has time to see.

Cindy Guess ​Stephanie, I think that would be great!

Eric Schmidt​ There are some… I have found at least one I believe

Cindy Guess​ Hi Sis! I know you’re out there!

Tl Mattes​ Hey

Cindy Guess​ Shelley, love your hair!

Michael De​agk can you chase down the use of 2’s in some future vlog?

Stephanie Thirtyacre ​I agree Cindy. she has great hair.

Steve Klein​ AGK.No clues in new book but Preston says thzere is fenn knows there are no new clues but still lets Preston lie about it to sell the book. What’s up with that?

OG Slap Slap ​AGK: In TFTW Forrest mentioned that there’s no swimming where geyser riverlets enter a stream. He has brought up what to do if you find it on NPS land multiple times. Is it a likely possibility?

Matt Hawrysko​ Congratulations!

Tl Mattes​ Toby woo hoo nothing better than Grandbabies!!

jaswinters​ Congrats on the Grand Baby

Eric Schmidt​ Congratulations Toby!

Stephanie Thirtyacre ​what if the no more clues, because someone is close?

Steve Klein ​Ok then grandpa

steve remple​ akg: In your opinion, the subtle hints in ttotc are hints to all the clues in the poem, or just wwwh? or hob? or the blaze? what are your thoughts?? congrats on new grandkids.

GhostriderI​ Congratulations…😃

Michael De​ AGK congrats, a new team member to search with.

Eric Schmidt​ Sounds good!

Eric Schmidt​ Gotta get back out to work! Talk to you next week! Thanks guys.

Jesse Weaver ​I’m the same way. My closet looks like a cartoon character’s.

Mary Green​ sounds good

Mary Green​agk sounds good

Matt ​I believe the FBI case is why he released the book when he did. during the book release, Fenn said he asked Preston to write the book, way back before Preston wrote the Codex.

B Cross​ AGK: Have you ever seriously considered the Santa Cruz Lake area for the treasure?

Mary Green ​agk did you guys get to Q fenn during the b signing

Matt Hawrysko​ AGK Do you differentiate between hints and clues? do you think there may be more hints in the book even though Preston said clues?

Jim Little​ The key word is located in D. Preston Lost City of M.G.

Matt​ AGK, is there any point in which you’ll give up, if you don’t find the chest?

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ biography in chest….hmm difference in bio verses memoir?

fossilman123 ​if only two clues can be found on a map,is it a waist of time to look for “home of brown” on a map or even other clues

Mary Green ​difference in bio verses memoir, i dont think any diff

Bryan Schultz ​AGK how am i gonna spend that much money when i find it?

Jesse Weaver ​AGK How often does Toby use his pirate voice while you’re BOTG?

Mary Green ​used interchangeably

Michael De​Bryan I’ll be glad to help.

Jim Little ​Forrest got caught up being sage, I hope he can recover

Joel Lewicki​ AGK: Great job in all you do! What advice do you have for searchers who may be stuck on their failed solution to the poem?

Tl Mattes​ Another good job everyone 😃 Thanks for the info.

Cindy Guess​ Thanks!

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ he said Susan designed the cover and he didn’t.

Mary Green ​thanks agk

sharpcf73  ​I was curious about the cover

Matt​ what say you Stephanie, is there a point of ending the search?

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ not yet Matt. I’ve been searching since June 1st. only home for about two weeks total.

Mary Green​ Stephanie Thirtyacre have you figed the word that is key

Matt ​just curious how long the dedication would last by long term searchers before it may be slowly put aside.

steve remple​ Good ? Mary. Have you? For a while I thought it was “waters”

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ I do have a word that’s key. hope it’s correct, but you never know. how about you?

Mary Green ​me too thought waters, now ?

Mary Green​ been working with tarry

steve remple​ I’m leaning toward Brown now…. subject to change

Stephanie Thirtyacre ​mine isn’t in poem.

Matt ​Would you be surprised if there isn’t a word that unlocks anything. but it’s just another term to focus back on the first clue?

steve remple​ Stephanie, hmmm?

steve remple​ not playing by the rules. lol

Mary Green​ fenn said it was in poem didnt he

steve remple ​I believe so

Matt​ visit how the FBI case was dismissed, key word used was discovered. Fenn said they didn’t know, therefore it was dismissed

Stephanie Thirtyacre ​I don’t believe he said it was in the poem. maybe I’m wrong…but not aware he said anything like that.

steve remple​ I’ll look into that Matt. I’m not sure what that’s about.

steve remple ​Stephanie are you currently looking or done for the season

Matt​ go tarryscant, search key word, there is two entries

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ currently

Mary Green​ something like people are in tight focus on a word that is key, so may get solved soon

steve remple​ That’s it Mary

Stephanie Thirtyacre​ bye all. thanks Toby and Shelley.

steve remple​ see ya. happy hhunting

Mary Green​ bye

Mary Green​ was paraphrasing, i think its over at MW

steve remple​ but forrest insists searchers have nothing if they don’t get the first clue correct. Makes me think key word is in first clue?

Another Search Season Ends. Fenn’s Treasure Remains Hidden.

As of this writing, November, 2017 is drawing nigh.

Counting a short one in 2010, that makes eight seasons under searcher’s respective belts (including 5 for me) with nothing to show for it.

Well, not exactly nothing.

To me, the distance between reality and fantasy in the forums is not only greater, but increasing at a far more rapid pace, as the combination of frustration and the evolution of interpretation and argument is ever more exaggerated. In some ways, they are helpful to Fenn’s goal of the treasure remaining hidden for at least a thousand years.

I can write without equivocation:

  • Fenn is not providing the community, any of them, especially “certain individuals,” additional hints or clues.
  • Nothing Fenn has said or written since the first edition of his “Thrill of the Chase” in 2010 has helped any searcher get closer to the treasure he hid.
  • No one has been closer than 200 feet to the treasure – and knew they were closer than 200 feet – a quote Fenn still used as recently as May, 2017.
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that any searcher has correctly decoded what are the meanings of “warm waters,” “home of Brown,” “no place for the meek,” and “the blaze.”
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that the treasure is hidden North of the border between New Mexico and Colorado.
  • To me, Fenn is tired of the “Chase,” realizing he significantly underestimated the number of interested parties, and the size of the population he once referred to as “the 7%.”

Here’s the good news: it’s still out there, and we have at least six months to plan our 2018 campaign, comfortable in the knowledge that no one else is any closer than we. Although, based on what I read in the forums, thousands are farther away.

Good luck in your search.

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What Makes Fenn’s Place Special?

On the trail to Popo Agie Falls.

According to research there are six possible characteristics of what makes a place special. Fenn’s special place may have one or more of them.

  1. Unique Personal Connection
  2. Social Connections
  3. Natural Beauty, Peace and Serenity
  4. Uniqueness of the Location
  5. History, Anthropology or Archaeology of the Location
  6. The Amenities of the Place

We’re going to discuss Fenn’s Special Place on our next live stream on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 1pm MDT. Q&A to follow the presentation via SuperChat.

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